Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Assess ALL RL Standards on ONE Assesment!

New product alert!

FIVE assessments.

Each assessment is THREE pages long.

On those three pages, all EIGHT 3rd grade RL standards are addressed through TWO original connected reading passages!

Click the pic for more info!

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Midunderstood Minds- Understanding and Experiencing Learning Difficulties {This is a MUST do, teacher friends!!!}

We've been doing lots of training at school recently about utilizing technology in the classroom.  One session particularly caught my attention... understanding students with learning difficulties.

As a teacher, it's my job to teach all students and I strive to do just that... teaching how students learn... BUT, I'll admit that I have wanted to say things like, "Of has two letters... it isn't 'u-v'... it's 'o-f'... how is it that hard to know that?!" at times.  Not a proud moment... but a moment of genuine not understanding on my part.

And how about, "I'm only going to give this direction once, so make sure you pay good attention!"... I can't be the only teacher who has said that before!  After doing the module on listening attention {and feeling SO frustrated that I couldn't do it and SO determined to do it correctly!} I'm definitely re-thinking some things for those kiddos who struggle with oral directions.  You have to try out the "Auditory Activity" in the attention tab... and let me know what you think.  This one was so hard for me and I just wanted to do it so badly!!!!!

You HAVE to try these things out.  You can complete simulations for reading, writing, math, and attention difficulties and I promise you will think of kids in your classroom that fit in each of these categories... AND guarantee you will come away with a new understanding {and compassion!} about students' learning troubles!

Click the image below to go to Misunderstood Minds.  Then, click the tabs on the left to go to each type of learning difficulty.  You can complete a simulation for each one by clicking the "Experience Firsthand" links at the top.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Blog Post Rewind: APRIL FOOL'S Spelling Test!

Blog Post Rewind time!

Click the tape to rewind and hop back in time to an old blog post that contains a quick, easy, and fun April Fool's spelling test you can use tomorrow to get some laughs in your classroom!  I do this every year and LOVE it!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

2nd Grade Math "Show What You Know" {New Product Alert!} and... My New HOUSE!!!!

Ok, friends... it's real.  I'm really moving to a new house in a new city... with a Target less than a mile away!!!!!
A new start just for me!  I can't WAIT!!!!!  I close this Friday and have been so busy packing...

This used to be a dining room... now it holds my STUFF just waiting to be put away in a new place!

I haven't blogged or anything in so long... I can't wait to settle into my new house and get back into a routine.  After all the shopping and painting and decorating, of course!

I did manage to put the finishing touches on a 2nd grade CCSS aligned "Show What You Know" pack for math.  This features 36 weekly review pages that help kiddos practice addition, subtraction, word problems, fractions, shapes, basic multiplication, arrays, number lines, +10, +100... and so much more!  Download the preview on TpT to see the first three weeks for free!

Pair it with "Show What You Know" CCSS grammar for a GREAT morning work or homework activity for each week!

Ok!  Tomorrow I'm boxing up my computer so... this is it for a bit!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Super Hero Dialogue Game and Super Sale!

It's here!  TpT's newest sale...

We all know that WE ROCK and TpT is celebrating with a "Teachers are Heroes" sale!  My store is 20% off Wednesday AND Thursday and TpT has a promo code you can use to get an additional 10% off!

My newest product is perfectly themed for this sale... it's called "Save Us, Super Hero" and it's a dialogue game!  Students read dialogue, choose the one written correctly, and advance on a game board... or make it a hallway hunt or center!

My life is CA-RAZY right now... I'm juuuuuuust about to move to a new house!!!!!!!!!!!!!  YAY!!!!!!!!  I will pose a few pics and share my new space with you when I move... until then, thanks bloggy friends!  I miss you!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Small Group Sunday- What We're Doing This Week!

I don't know about you... but I LOVE teaching small group reading!  I'm so excited to share what we'll be working on this week as it's one of my FAVORITE standards to work on.

We're going to be working on RL 3.7- how illustrations work to help tell a story.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE using wordless picture books to teach this so, we'll be "reading" The Farmer and the Clown by Marla Frazee.  This is a GREAT story and I can't wait to share it with my groups.  We'll also be creating "Thoughtmarks" from my Comprehension Thoughtmarks pack.  These are bookmarks that explain the strategy on one side and give kiddos a chance to practice it on the other.  Last, we are completing a "Snapshot" assessment that will help me see if my kiddos understand how photos contribute to a story.

We'll also be reading the leveled stories from one of my newest creations.  I am so psyched to implement these as all of my reading groups will be reading essentially the same story, but each story is appropriately leveled to deliver the exact same content at an appropriate reading level!

That's what we're working on in small groups this week.

You can find the items I'm using on TpT if you want to check them out!

Leveled passages- also available for 2nd grade!
Thoughtshots!  Love them!

And the half page "Snapshots" assessment comes from this pack!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fun Football Freebie and a SALE!

Gearing up for tomorrow's big game and wanted to let ya'll know I'm having a 20% off sale starting... NOW!!!!  It runs until the end of the night on Sunday!

And... wanted to share this FOOTBALL FREEBIE!  I have shared this before, but it's perfect for this footbally time of year.  Even though my team (GO LIONS!) isn't in the Super Bowl (read that as "Down with the Refs at the 1st playoff game!), I will be watching tomorrow and excited to see some football!

Click the pic to download your freebie!

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Easy Peasy Classroom Jobs

Well, this is the 2nd ICE DAY we've had in a row!  I'll admit it... I was psyched!  I am gearing up to move (yay!) to a new house and spent the last two days packing.  Sure, I'm not even moving until the end of February and now my house looks like someone broke in and stole all of my things, but I was so productive this week!

I did want to pop on and share with you how I'm doing class jobs this year.  I used to change jobs on a weekly basis and had a job for every student... but, when I would rush out on a Friday, I'd forget to change the jobs and then kids were bummed when they came in on Monday... so it was a mad dash to quickly change them.

Then, some of the things I had jobs for were not as grand or desirable as others... which left some of my friends feeling like they never got to really DO anything on those weeks.

So, now we do this:

I whipped up this chart during my planning period one day, quickly assembled it, laminated it, and we started using it that very day!

The GREEN clip is the "main kid" of the day... they do everything... line leader, answer the phone, file papers, run messages, carry the lunch basket, write tomorrow's lunch up... all that good stuff.

They choose a friend who will be their helper for the day and that kid puts his/her ORANGE arrow on their number.  At the end of each day, the kid on green moves the clip down and reminds tomorrow's helper to choose a friend.

I just used a clothespin!  Tacky glue and hot glue could not hold the laminated arrows on, so now they're on with velcro and it works perfectly!

We LOVE this and my kiddos love that, for one day, they are THE kid!  They get so excited when they know their day is coming too... and I don't have to remember to change jobs for 30 kids every Friday!

(Oh- and I used Wikki Sticks to cross off 11 and 14 as I don't have students with those numbers this year!)

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Highlighting Favorite FREEBIES!

Happy Sunday, bloggy friends!

I'm gearing up for next week and wanted to highlight some of my favorite FREEBIES that you can download and use INSTANTLY in your classroom with no fuss or muss!

Try them out... just click pics to download!


Teach your kiddos to use the question in their answers using FLIP IT!

My next favorite...

You can find some ready to use free assessments in this pack!  If you click the pic, you can find the 1st grade pack too!

My kiddos LOVED doing this "Main Idea and Details Race" freebie!

Click the button below to head to my TpT store and check out ALL of my freebies!

Have any favorite freebies of your own?  Feel free to post a link in the comments!

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Tons of Pics Tuesday... {Come See!}

It's been too long, bloggy friends!  I've been busy watching "Breaking Bad" obsessively and just finished the series... I LOVED it!!!!!  Any other BB fans out there?  I'm looking for another good series to start now.  I've watched "Orange is the New Black" and LOVE LOVE LOVE it!

So... I'm a little late to the party, but here are some pics of what we made our parents for Christmas.

This one is a pin my colleague found on Pinterest... not sure who to credit here, but THANKS to whoever came up with this CUTE CUTE project first!

We also made these ornaments out of cupcake wrappers... I LOVE how they turned out!!!  Super cheap and easy... just fold the cupcake wrapper in half and glue, then fold it in half again and glue.  Stack, glue, hot glue a popsicle stick on the back, hole punch, add pipe cleaner hanger!

So cute!!!

We also made cinnamon/applesauce ornaments, a reindeer thumbprint ornament, and a handprint tile... but I forgot to take pics of those!

One of my BFFs and I went to the last Lions home game in mid-December.  We had SO much fun!  We even made Lions cookies and took them to pass out to fans in Detroit!  You can totally tell which ones she made... she's a great artist!

I love this girl... we had so much fun!  I lost my voice from screaming too much!

Last... it's time for my FAVORITE writing unit... personal narratives!!!!!  We started this week and already have an anchor chart, additions to our Writer's Notebooks, and have read some amazing mentor texts by Patricia Polacco and Donald Crews!

I can't WAIT to dig deeper into this unit and see what my writers come up with!

Check out the Writer's Notebook pack for more info!

It's the new year!  I hope 2015's amazing for you all!
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