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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Bucket Filling... How It Works for Me

I shared some classroom pictures over the weekend and got a few questions about my Bucket Filler pocket chart.

Here's how it works... each student has a "spot" on the chart.  I printed numbered slips and used Modge Podge to affix them to my chart.  The chart is one of my secret hoard of $1 pocket charts from Target.

I have some business cards that I printed at Vista Print that say "Dear ___, Thanks for filling my bucket!  From your friend, ___".  Kids can fill out the names and then must write a brief message on the back of the card.  Then they put them in their friends' spaces in the chart.  I have a list of student names and numbers hanging next to the chart on the wall so students can look up which number belongs to which student if they do not know.

Students know when they are allowed to fill these out- and they cannot be filled out during instruction or working time.  They can fill them out in the morning, after lunch during my read aloud, or at the end of the day after we've packed up.

It works out well.  It's quick and easy and they love seeing the cards pile up during the week.  We check these on Fridays... unless this girl forgets about it!  I usually have 25 little people reminding me though!

If you click HERE you can head to that blog post to download the "Bucket Fillers" sign for free!

Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made-It... Pretty Little Calendar! {Freebie too!}

Yay!  It's that time again... Monday Made-It!

If you've followed my blog this week, you know I've been busy making printable buntings of all colors, themes, and holidays.  I've seriously had TOO MUCH FUN!  You can check them out and see if I have your theme by clicking HERE!  And, if I don't have your theme and you want one, let me know and I will make it for you!

I shared so much last week and was busy creating again this week!

Remember my pretty little teacher binder I showed you last week?  If not, click the pic to see what I'm talking about!

Well, this week I made a pretty little calendar to go inside of it!

 Everyone can click the image below and print that page for a pretty little July calendar.  If you're a fan of my blog's Facebook page, the July 2013-July 2014 calendar has just been uploaded as my latest Facebook Fan Freebie!!!  Just click the HERE to head to my FB page so you can "Like" and download!

I also made this cute little Bucket Filler bucket!

Our kiddos can earn bucket filler slips from adults at school during the day and (when I remember!) I pull two out at the end of the day and those kiddos get to go to the office to get a treat.  This year I'm going to make it a class job to bring me the bucket at the end of the day because I never remember!  Any cute ideas for the name for that job, by the way?

Anyway, I cut a hole in the lid so kids can stuff their slips inside, then I can just shake it up, pull out slips, and let the happy feelings flow!

I would totally share that label with you but I just went to find it on my computer and apparently I didn't save it!

It's just Modge Podged on to a container!  :)

So, link up your most recent "Monday Made-It" and let's see what you've been creating!

PS- are you following me on Blog Lovin'????  Click the button below (Thanks Melissa Mazur!) to make sure!!!

Monday, June 24, 2013

Monday Made-It Full of Freebies!

Get your printer ink ready, friends, and get comfy... this is a long post full of printables for you to show off what I've been doing this past week!

First of all... last week Krista at Stellar Students shared her RAK jar and I LOVED it!  However, we're a Bucket Filler school so I wanted to do something like her, but more Bucket Filler-y.  So, this was born...

Inside of this jar are lots of little cards with things students can do to fill a bucket!  I'm thinking we'll pull one a day during our morning meeting and the challenge will be for each student to do that task at some point during the day.  If you want a copy of what I made, click the picture below!

Krista was kind enough to allow me to share my file with you all.  If you want to see her original file (which also has free printables!) click her blog button below!
I also updated my class schedule cards.  I made some last year with Scrappin' Doodles graphics, which I love, but I felt like they were still kind of little for my 3rd graders.  So, my true graphics obsession is KPM Doodles.  I just bought my 80th graphics set from her... that's right friends... EIGHTY! sets and I LOVE them!  So, I made new schedule cards for my class...

I displayed them on my front door, much to my hubby's dismay!, so I could take a picture to show you...

The good news is... you can click the picture below to download the cards!  I added a few that I thought might be needed by other teachers too.

I know you've seen the inserts for the 3-drawer containers that are all over Pinterest.  My building is being cleaned so I can't go in to show you what I'm talking about, but I also made some drawer inserts!  Most of them say "Copy", "Grade", "File", but I wanted some because I store stuff for my reading groups in these drawers too... see?

Right now they just have stickers with the group numbers on them, but soon they will have these gems on the inside!

I also made cards for my writing area because those drawers just have labels on them too!  If you click on the picture below, you can download my group cards, writing area cards, AND I made "Copy", "File", and "Grade" cards too!

Phew!  Can you believe there is ONE MORE THING I have to share?!

I've been seeing printable for teacher binders everywhere online and on Pinterest and I had to make my own!  My current binder looks like this:

And the talented Ashley Hughes has a paper pack that is perfect for this binder... and her pack is free on TpT!  Click the pick to check out her paper pack.

So, anyway... here are some snapshots of how my binder pages turned out...

So there are something like 13 different sections in my binder for grades, AR, parent contacts, Success Time (which is our RTI time), schedules, etc...

I also added a section for subs...

It is complete with a packet of information to answer any question a sub might have...

 and a page of sub rules that found on Amy Lemons' blog... (this is Amy's pic, btw)...

Here's what I put in my binder.  It's laminated and says at the top that the sub can put it up on the board and go over it with students.  I love my 3rd graders so much but we had some real issues on sub days this year.  My favorite was when I got a glowing note from a sub and as I was praising them up and down for it, one of my girl's eyes were bugging out of her head and she was frantically shaking her head "NO!" because they had actually had a horrible day!  Gotta love their honesty... and how they tell on themselves all the time!  Anyway, I think this will be a big help this coming year!

I also updated everything for my 100 Club for Reading!  I LOVE this "club"!  If you didn't see my blog post about it, click the picture below to go see what all the fuss is about.  If you want to motivate your kids to read, this is the thing for you!
So, that's what I've been doing!  My printer is tired and my little laminator is too... not to mention the billions of miniscule pieces of laminating that are in my carpet!

If you download any of these freebies, please leave a comment.  I'd love to know how you plan to use them and that you love them too!  I love hearing from you ladies and gentlemen!

I can't wait to check out what everyone made this week so I can get busy on some new items inspired by all of you!  So, link up with Tara and show off what you've been making!

Last thing- Michigan blogger meet up!!!  It's THIS Saturday!!!  Patty from 2ndinline and I are getting together this week to work on some surprises for our friends who attend!!!!  Hope to see you there!  Please please please RSVP- just click that blue and white button over there on the top, right side of my blog.  See it?  Feel free to spread the word on your blog too!  The more the merrier!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Room 10's Lovely Friends!

Well, I had a crummy weekend.  Pretty much as bad as they come.  Yeah.  It was bad.  And I wasn't feeling too kind or nice this morning either.

So, I knew I had to get myself out of the gutter... so...

... we did a little bulletin board project that had all my kiddos smiling from ear-to-ear which just warmed my heart and really did help turn my day around!

A few weeks ago, I raided the Dollar Spot at Target and got all this great loot.  So, each kid got a large foam heart and a variety of the foam/felt heart stickers.

Then I passed out these copied on red and pink paper:
I had already written each kids' name at the top of one heart and it was random who got who in the classroom.  My kiddos had to think of a way their person had been a good friend and write it in the space.  Then sign their name and use the materials to decorate it.  We did brainstorm a list together of ways people had been good friends to us and I put it up on our LCD projector so they had some ideas.

When everyone was done, we sat in a circle and everyone went around and read their heart to their friend.  The smiles and blushing cheeks were SO nice to see and hearing the "thank yous" at the end was even better!

Then I hung them on a slightly un-balanced bulletin board in the hallway... I'm trying to get over the uneven distribution of the hearts... it's hard!  I love to make a sign for my bulletin boards that a student colors, so I usually do that instead of cutting out letters.  They enjoy having a hand in the bulletin board too!  So, a couple of my boys decorated the sign.
And how could my day not turn around when one of my sweeties shared the one she did for me:

So, if you're looking for a way to add some sunshine to your students' day... or even to your own... do it!  :)

Here's to hoping for a better week for myself! 

Monday, September 26, 2011

Sneak Peek from Last Week!


I remembered to snap a few pics of what we've been up to! :)

First of all... one of my 2nd grade sweeties brought me this portrait of myself this morning... I love it!

Second... here's a pic of our CAFE board so you can see our strategies so far!

Third... we've been studying butterfly life cycles and we made this project using paper templates that you can download below the picture, pipe cleaners, tissue paper, and beans. My kiddos LOVED making this!

Fourth... here's a fall poem we completed on Friday. I found the confetti at Hobby Lobby and knew it would be the perfect bit of pizazz to help us celebrate the first day of fall!

Last... click here or on the image below to download a great "Bucket Filling" guide which Marygrove College compiled from the results of their linky party! It's full of pictures and tidbits for success from other teachers.

And, truly last... have a great rest of your Monday!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

...and I might even go back tomorrow!

Business first:

Marygrove has posted a blog post by me about Bucket Filling. I hope you'll read it and leave a comment... I'll love you forever! They are also doing a bucket filling linky party. I'm not going to introduce bucket filling until I see what everyone who links up has to say about making the most out of it! So please head over and share your ideas!


What a whirlwind today was! It was the fastest first day in my six years of first days. Wow. My kiddos are great! I looooove having my first graders from last year again as 2nd graders and my new crew of firsties are pretty awesome too! One said today, "Do you want to know what the worst part about today is"? And... yes... I did because I thought it was going well! And she said, "The worst part about today is that we have to go home"! Love it! Anyway, it was a great day... and I might even go back tomorrow! ;)

Here's a rundown of the day:

*organizing mountains of supplies
*practicing classroom routines
*making necklaces
*taking cowboy pictures (They are super cute... we put bandannas over our mouths and noses and wore cowboy hats... I printed the pictures out and can't tell who is who!)
*making WANTED posters
*recess and lunch
*1 round of Daily Five... we did "Read to Self" for 3 minutes and could have gone longer but we had art!
*made our first Snazzy Snack
*went to music
*learned about the clip chart and HORSE folders

There is SO much more we didn't get to today!

BUT... we did name the gerbil! Her name is Lily as voted on by the kiddos.

Tomorrow's agenda...

*do something related to math
*write something!
*school-wide behavior expectations in each location of the school
*and making the "WOW SCHOOL!" class book which you can snag here!
*actually get to the calendar routine! What a bad teacher I am! I got home and my husband was talking to me about the weather and I realized we didn't do calendar today! Shame on me! AND none of my kiddos from last year remembered either!

I hope everyone else who headed back today had a good day too! And if you've been back for a while, hopefully it's still smooth sailing! Don't forget about my giveaway either! I do have a dentist appointment tomorrow that I forgot about until I got my reminder from my phone (thanks Evo!)... it's right after school, but 30 minutes away and then I'm having dinner with my friendie after that... so I'll do my best to announce the winner tomorrow as promised. BUT... if I don't make it home early enough it might not be until Thursday!

Ok. Enough rambling. I'm going to print out some things I need and veg out for the rest of the night!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Bucket Filler Linky Party... please come share!

What an appropriate linky party for today. My favorite Marygrove College is hosting a bucket filler linky party and I hope you'll head over and join.

I say it's appropriate for today because when I checked my mail today, I had a package from Amazon. Now I order from there all the time, but my summer ordering finally all got delivered on Monday. I was racking my brain to think of what I might have been missing from previous orders but when I opened the package, I got a huge bucket filler from Lynne who sent me Enemy Pie from my Amazon Wishlist along with a very nice note thanking me for sharing! Thanks for filling my bucket!

THEN I saw that the wonderful bloggers over at Marygrove's MAT blog started this linky party and I knew that, after having my bucket so filled today, I had to join! The best part is that when the linky party expires, they are going to compile everyone's ideas into an "all-in-one" resource for teachers!

Please check out the linky party and add your best bucket filling ideas!

Here are mine...
One thing I struggled with in the beginning was how to keep the excitement of bucket filling continue after the initial "newness" and excitement wears off.

I find that one of the biggest ways to keep my kids interested in bucket filling is to make sure that I put a card in a few students' buckets each week. I also will say sometimes, "Wow, John, when you held the door for me without me even having to ask- that really filled my bucket. Thanks for staying back to help me instead of rushing out to recess". When they hear me recognizing another student and "explaining" to them how my bucket got filled, it helps remind them about bucket filling and also provides an example to them about how to 1.) fill a bucket and 2.) how to recognize when someone has filled theirs.

I have also been asked before what I do when a student's bucket does not get filled during the week. I usually try to watch and see that everyone has something in their bucket, but on the occasion that I don't have time or it doesn't happen, I try to use that as a learning experience for that student. I ask them what specific actions they did for others or if they made sure to write anyone else a bucket filler.

Bucket filling has definitely been a positive addition to my classroom community. I can't wait to see everyone else's tips and tricks on how to make it successful! I hope you'll head over and link up!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Facebook Freebie Friday, Updates to the Teaching Oasis, and Class Pics Too!

Don't forget to check out the post about reading interventions that Marygrove College did on my blog yesterday. I would really love to hear what you think!

Ok... FIRST... yesterday I took some updated pictures of my Thursday Book Bag check-out station, my new helpers board, and my new display for bucket filling... here are the pictures!

For the past four years, my students have been able to check out a "book bag" on Thursday that they can take home over the weekend to do with their family and then return on Tuesday. I added five new ones this year and decided to update my "check out chart" too. If you want to learn more about my bags, you can check out my website!

I've already established the fact that I am a crazy furniture hoarder on my blog and I am officially out of room for displaying things... or so I thought. Last year my bucket fillers were on the back of a book shelf but then I rearranged my classroom and a new table that I *had* to have is up against the back of that shelf... so my bucket fillers are on my bathroom door! I got these great pocket charts at Target! You can download some "Bucket Filler" freebies on my website!

This is right next to my bathroom- it's actually the side of my "listening center". I used a 3M Command Hook (best invention EVER!) to hang my bucket and inside the bucket are business cards from Vista Print with the bucket on the front where the kids can fill out their name and the name of the friend they are giving it to. I have them write why they are giving it on the back. I'll also keep the book here for kids to borrow and return.

This isn't really a *new* item, but my old one was falling apart. So, this is my jobs chart. The kids each have their name on a Popsicle stick which goes inside the library card pockets. I laminated it and slit open the library pockets. Want more info? You guess it... check out my website!

Second I also made a Facebook page for my blog yesterday and Alicia from Dreamlike Magic Designs has made me an amazing button for it! When I get 100 "likes" on FB, I'll be posting a back-to-school freebie on my Facebook. So, be sure to head over to FB to "like" my blog page.

That's it! Happy Friday, teacher friends!

**One more thing!** Ms. Winston has been hard at work uploading new resources to the Teaching Oasis today and the class grids for 30 are up! So if you didn't win my giveaway and would like the file, you can head over there to pick it up! There is one for 25 students too but... (shhh!)... I secretly think the 30 grid is cuter! ;)

I just have to say... I *love* you, Dreamlike Magic Designs! Thanks for the super cute blog buttons! :)
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