Thursday, February 27, 2014

Student Teacher Freebie and Sale!

I have a student teacher right now (who is amazing!) and I have asked her to fill out this form weekly to help us talk about things, keep organized, and give her a collection of her thoughts afterwards.  Click the pic to download for FREE!

Also... it's the BIG TpT sale!  Use the code TPT3 to get an EXTRA 10% off... my shop is already 20% off so don't forget the code for more savings!

I'm on a snow day today (our 9th one!) and, after working out and cleaning house all day, I'm ready to SHOP!


  1. 😃I love the weekly reflection form!!

  2. I love this form, this will be so useful with my student teachers! I've never had one before, so this is perfect.. thank you :)

  3. I wish I would have had this for my last student teacher. Keeping this in my ST binder for the next one! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Thanks for the freebie - I think it would have been useful when I was student teaching!

    Love to Learn

  5. I wish I would have had that as a student teacher a few years back :)

    Jen @ Cupcakes & Curriculum


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