Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Cause and Effect... And Doing GREAT!

We're wrapping up cause and effect, ya'll.  This is a skill that used to give me fits.  It's so difficult!  I don't know what I did differently this year, but my kiddos SO get it!

We read passages from and then found cause and effect relationships.  Kiddos wrote them on their dry erase circles, which they LOVED!  {Find them here!}

I was one proud teacher!  And, if you haven't checked out, rush there and sign up for your free membership!  It's great!

We've also been using these monthly cause and effect passages.  Last year I used them whole class, but I've been using them in my small groups.  The kiddos enjoy them and we get lots of practice with this tricky skill!


  1. hey Christina! I miss you! Have you changed phone numbers? I've sent a couple messages to you, but now I'm wondering if they even went through. Have you seen them?

  2. I love, definitely helped out my class with practice for FCAT last year. We used them in independent, then buddy/small group discussion when justifying their answers, and finally as a whole class review to better understand the questions, passage, and skill! I like how you used the dry erase circles for reuse and allows students to write down their ideas as they read.

  3. I really like as well. I am finishing up cause and effect as well. I completely understand how tough it is. I do love your graphic organizer on your table.


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