Thursday, January 22, 2015

Easy Peasy Classroom Jobs

Well, this is the 2nd ICE DAY we've had in a row!  I'll admit it... I was psyched!  I am gearing up to move (yay!) to a new house and spent the last two days packing.  Sure, I'm not even moving until the end of February and now my house looks like someone broke in and stole all of my things, but I was so productive this week!

I did want to pop on and share with you how I'm doing class jobs this year.  I used to change jobs on a weekly basis and had a job for every student... but, when I would rush out on a Friday, I'd forget to change the jobs and then kids were bummed when they came in on Monday... so it was a mad dash to quickly change them.

Then, some of the things I had jobs for were not as grand or desirable as others... which left some of my friends feeling like they never got to really DO anything on those weeks.

So, now we do this:

I whipped up this chart during my planning period one day, quickly assembled it, laminated it, and we started using it that very day!

The GREEN clip is the "main kid" of the day... they do everything... line leader, answer the phone, file papers, run messages, carry the lunch basket, write tomorrow's lunch up... all that good stuff.

They choose a friend who will be their helper for the day and that kid puts his/her ORANGE arrow on their number.  At the end of each day, the kid on green moves the clip down and reminds tomorrow's helper to choose a friend.

I just used a clothespin!  Tacky glue and hot glue could not hold the laminated arrows on, so now they're on with velcro and it works perfectly!

We LOVE this and my kiddos love that, for one day, they are THE kid!  They get so excited when they know their day is coming too... and I don't have to remember to change jobs for 30 kids every Friday!

(Oh- and I used Wikki Sticks to cross off 11 and 14 as I don't have students with those numbers this year!)


  1. Love this!

    I had created enough small jobs for each student in my class and only changed jobs once every 2 weeks. (This allowed the students to do each job about 2 times.) Surprisingly worked!

    Fishing for Education Blog

  2. Similarly, years ago, I started with a job for everyone. Managing it was grueling. Now I have a star student of the week, who is line leader, prayer leader, and anything else I need. I have a girl bathroom door holder and boy bathroom door holder. I use a similar strip to yours for my calendar helper. That student changes our calendar, adds the counting straws, changes the tally, and reminds me to "jump the frog" on our way up high 1-100 number line. They move their numbered clothes pin when they are done and put up the next person's. Works great - they do it completely on their own! The less I have to manage the better!

  3. I have a job for everyone with a laminated board and an empty box to the left of each job. I use a dry erase marker to write the students' assigned class number in each box, in numeric order. Every two weeks I erase and move all the student numbers down one space. Easy, easy!


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