Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Random Classroom Learning Games

I make random classroom learning games all the time...

And now, I'm going to polish them up and offer then in a growing bundle!

Whenever I make a game, it will go in this bundle until the end of my school year in May... AND I'll be adding at least two random games a month!

Each time I add a game, the price will increase $1 until it reaches $14.  Right now, it's only TWO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!

Check out what's inside now...
I'm excited to add to this... my kiddos love playing games in ELA and, at this price, yours will too!


  1. This looks great. So if we purchase now do we get the updates free?

    1. Yes you do! :) A 1st update has already been added with a Christmas cookie themed verb game!


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