Friday, December 4, 2015

Integrating Interactive Notebooks and Reading Response Journals

I LOVE interactive notebooking.  More importantly, so do my kiddos.  I LOVE seeing them use their notebooks as resources and, with our reading interactive notebook and reading response journal, the interactive notebook serves as amazing support for students and parents while they complete their RRJs at home!

Here's how we do it in a standard composition book...

We place the "Teach Me" and "My Turn" pages in our notebook.  I use the "Teach Me" to introduce a skill (this is a pic of the RI.1 skill- asking questions about a non-fiction text).  We highlight important information and then students work on the "My Turn" page right next to it.  This page has a passage about bees.  Students read it and then wrote questions from the text on flaps.  They wrote the answers under the flaps and then asked one another the questions.  They loved it!

Then, I introduced the page they will be completing in their RRJ for homework next week.  For RI 3.1, they read any non-fiction text of their choice, develop 3 questions and answers about the text, and then summarize the main idea and key details.  We did this together so students had a sample.  They refer back to our sample and the "Teach Me"/"My Turn" pages as needed at home.

I LOVE these reading response tasks because they directly connect to what we are doing in class and help me see if students can apply the skills on their own at home!

Storing all of these things in one notebook makes a wonderful resource for my kiddos!

Want to check them out?  You can find the Interactive Reading Notebook in my TpT store.

There are also "Reading Response Tasks" for grades 2, 3, 4, and 5... connected to the Common Core!

We interactive notebook for writing too.  This is probably my favorite!


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