Saturday, March 19, 2016

Morning Meeting Activity Ideas

I posted earlier in the week about how Morning Meeting has literally saved my classroom and got some great feedback!  Check out the blog post by clicking the pic below!

Lots of you asked about the kinds of activities we do during that time of the meeting so... ready?

We LOVE this little Chipmunk!  He's from Hallmark.  He asks quirky questions and asks the kids to do silly things.  Sometimes our activity is one of his shenanigans!

I've collected lots of quiz cards and vocabulary games... the Target Dollar Spot has good stuff!  We spend 2-3 minutes doing these sometimes.

I have a set of question dice.  We might roll a dice and a few kids might answer the question.  We also LOVE to do a "20Q".  That's the pink thing in the middle.  Run to the store and invest $10 in one.  It's GREAT for critical thinking!

It's always easy to pull out a card or two from the box...

Or read a few facts from this book.  The kids decide if the statement is a fact or a fib.  We love learning little tidbits!

A FAVORITE is always Mad-Libs.  I love that we're practicing grammar skills and the kids love the stories!

Each of these can be done in less than 5 minutes, keeping our meetings brief but fun!

Hope that gives you a peek into what we're doing for our activities!  Of course, there's free stuff you can do to... we like doing jokes, snapping and clapping patterns, sharing weekend news, "Go Noodle" (especially KOO KOO KANGAROO!!!), and using task cards to play my favorite favorite game "Back to Back", which I've blogged about many times.  You can check that game out by clicking HERE!

Do you have any good, inexpensive ideas for activities?  Add them in the comments below!


  1. Thank you so much for your post. It is a good reminder of ways to spice up morning meeting - especially at this time of the year when we can fall into a rut! You are always an inspiration!

  2. We like quiz, quiz, trade where I'll pass out a task card to everyone. They will find a partner, quiz each other with their cards, then trade cards and find a new partner. We also like using an inside-outside circle to do the same thing!

  3. I MUST have the chipmunk! I am a school counselor and he would be perfect in my office! I cannot find him online... Can you give me more information on the little guy?


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