Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Christmas Around the World unit outline update and some pics to get you in the Christmas mood!

Wow- thank you so much for your great response yesterday to my request to share your favorite book titles with me! I definitely have some shopping and reading to do! I hope you will enjoy your free Chocolate Touch or My Father's Dragon unit too! If you missed the freebie, the two units are available at The Teaching Oasis. I'm finished getting them all e-mailed out but did get a few bounced back to me... so if you replied yesterday and haven't gotten yours by the end of today... you may be one of the bounce-backers! E-mail me at christina4062@hotmail.com and I'll make it right for you!

I've been working hard to update and add to my Christmas Around the World materials and so today I'm sharing the updated unit outline with you. I tried to go through a be a little more specific on some things, include authors on the books, and then address some questions too.

If you'd like a copy, click the image to head over to my website and get one! :)

Happy Tuesday... two days until Turkey Day and then... the countdown until Christmas begins!

I'm a little crazy about Christmas. My husband always says our house looks like "Santa puked", which I take as the highest of compliments! I've been working for the last week or so to get everything decorated. Yes, I know it's early... but I love it!

Here's a peek into my decorations...

So, here's our main tree! We have soooo many ornaments and most are unique. I love putting them up and revisiting memories with my husband as we decorate. We went to New York City this summer and acquired a TON of new ornaments there... it was so fun to re-live the trip as we put them on! As a kid, I had a cat tree in my room and my sister had a dog tree. I love pulling my cat ornaments out every year and putting them on the tree. Not to mention the Donald Duck one that my sister and I always vied to be the one to put it on the tree... when I moved out, he became mine and I relish hanging him up every year! ;)

And here he is now! I just love putting him in front of a light! Sorry, Michelle... maybe you didn't know, but he's mine!!!!

Our "fireplace" with mom-made stockings! For us and our dog-sons too! My stocking will have seen 31 Christmases this year! My little nativity is up there too along with my small collection of Christopher Radko ornaments.

Here's my little kitchen tree... love it!

Ahhh... my Santa mice. My husband is not a fan, but my parents have a set of these they got around the year they got married (1977) so they were in my house every year as a kid. They SCREAM "CHRISTMAS" at me. When I moved out, I struck crazy mouse gold when I found my own set on ebay! My sister was able to find a set too... so now the tradition can live on forever!

My snowflake trees!

This is the first "spin-off" tree from having an abundance of ornaments. My mother-in-law has gotten my husband a tin soldier ornament almost every year of his life, so last year we started putting them on this awesome tree that I bought at my school store for a mere $5!

This is my "clippy bird" tree. I LOVE it! I think this is my favorite tree.

I collect Rudolph things so this is a tiny portion of my Christmas village. It's made by Hawthorne Village and is just awesome! I love it!

If you made it through my post and my pics, good for you! :) Enjoy the updated Christmas Around the World unit and, if I don't blog again before then, have a Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. i LOVE stalking your blog!
    I have passed on the Sunshine Award to you.
    Have a great day!

    ❁Beth Ann❁
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  2. I love all of your trees. I have one that you don't have. . . It's a Barbie tree! I have collected the Barbie ornaments since they first came out. So they deserve to have their own tree! My friends think I'm silly, but I'm reliving my childhood through these beautiful dolls! Loved seeing your pictures! You've been a busy little elf!

  3. Thanks Beth Ann! You've made my day bright!

  4. Patricia~ That's so neat! I am sure it brings back wonderful memories each year when you put it up!

  5. WOW, Christina!
    I haven't even finished my Halloween candy yet... and you have TREES!
    SOOOOOOOO impressive!
    Love your blog. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  6. Passed out the Sunshine Award to you. Thanks for bringing me sunshine, messages, and motivation!

    1st in Maine


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