Sunday, November 6, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like...


I'm looking to add some things to my "Christmas Around the World" unit. Most of the unit is available for free on my classroom website on the a new page with just Christmas Around the World stuff. I was thinking about doing a postcard for each country... and maybe some type of graphic organizer to help foster some writing...? Any suggestions for things to add to the unit? Leave me a comment if you come up with anything!


  1. I am new here (found you on pinterest). When I taught second grade and did Christmas Around the World, we ended the unit with a presentation. Each student would choose a few facts that they learned about their chosen country and either dressed up like the country or wore a Christmasy outfit (their choice). We then invited all the parents/families and people in the school (janitor/principal/cafeteria/ etc. The students loved talking into a microphone and giving a mini presentation about their country.

  2. I do this in my K class! We have Holidays Around the World and they travel to the 8 different K classrooms. Each classroom is decorated as a different country and they bring their suitcase, passports, etc. LOVE THIS!! I just checked out your Antarctica power point and it is so cute! What about if you also do Google Earth and show them the city you are in and the place they are visiting? You can actually zoom into street view and it is fun! We also have the students come back each day and write about something they learned or what they made it that country.


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