Tuesday, March 20, 2012

3Bs and a C

That would be basketball, books, BINGO, and cookies!  Tonight at my school, we're holding our 3rd annual 3Bs and a C that my teacher friend T and I organize together.  One of the groups in our town generously gave us $200.00 which we promptly went and spent this weekend on fabulous prizes for BINGO (who doesn't love spending someone else's money?!  AND Wal-Mart has a new $0.97 spot- take that Target- and it had some really great stuff in it!) and our teachers at school were so kind as to donate milk and bake the cookies for us!

Last year we had about 250 people so I'm super pumped about seeing everyone tonight and hoping for a bigger crowd!

Check out our prize tables:

This year we split up the prizes and have some covered up so we can reveal more every 30-minutes... that way everyone has a shot at a good prize.  You get a sneak peek under the paper on the 6:00 and 6:30 tables!  Lucky you!

And these books my library was getting rid of so we swiped them and everyone who comes can have one for free!  We are also having a book fair as part of one of the Bs... so I guess, technically, someone could argue the whole "free" thing we've got going on here.

After 3Bs and a C, I have to drop my car off at the mechanic... squealing + hot smell + co-worker touching the wheel and screaming over his burnt hand = UGH.  I've had an SUV for a few years now and am SO bummed about having to drive the car tomorrow.  :(  BUT... after dropping the car off, hubby and I are going to Barnes and Noble so I can buy screen protectors for my Nooks which ALREADY ARRIVED!  We got them yesterday and I spent all night playing with them and getting them set up for my kiddos.

Newsflash- you can have up to 6 (I think it's 6) Nooks on the same account, so I hooked my student ones up to my account... but when I realized they'd be able to access my "US Weekly" and read about Snooki being preggers... well, I had to set up a classroom account for my classroom Nooks!  :)  So, once the protectors go on tonight, they can start using them tomorrow!

I'm so pumped about having them!

Anyway... 3Bs and a C is a super fun night and a great way for us to reach out to our school in a totally non-threatening way.  Does your school do any free family nights?  I'd love some more ideas!


  1. Oh hope everything goes great with your Bingo and car! I only hate to hear that WAlmart is really getting a dollar section. I had heard this a while back and I just worry about all the dollar stores they will put out of business. (Please don't think I am weird, but I am from a small town and we have so many people out of work).

    Just curious...............did your Walmart donate anything for your Bingo game? Thanks for sharing!


  2. Your family night sounds like a lot of fun and you lucked out with good weather too! Our 3-5 building has something similar. Theirs is called Bingo, Brownies, and Basketball.
    Next Thursday our school will hold Stars on Stage. We have done this for years. . . and I do mean YEARS! This is a night for each class to perform something. . . . a play, a song, poetry, reader's theaters, skits, etc. Those are done in the gym. Meanwhile in the classrooms we have other activities for the entire family. We have tattoos, snacks, bingo, A Minute to Win It games, dance party, computers to play around with and something else, that I'm forgetting. Our school is always filled on this night. The parents and other family members always want to see their child perform. I'll share more about this in my blog next week. . . after report cards are finally done!
    Second In Line

  3. For my classroom, we had a family reading night where I had a hot chocolate bar and invited families in. Simple, but they loved it. We also have a school-wide Family Math Night, and they usually get some help from high schoolers, teacher stores, and the local university. Sometimes movie nights are a lot of fun, too.

    Yours looks great! :)

    Luckeyfrog's Lilypad

  4. Now that you mention it...I don't think our school does anything for free. The PTF charges for everything (not a lot..$3 - $5). The only thing that we've done in the past few years is a Parent Literacy Night. The parents learned about our literacy initiatives and the kids got to go to pizza/movie in the gym. Thanks for the new idea!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade

  5. Your 3B's festival sounds like a lot of fun! I wish they had that here!

  6. That is super cute! It seems like you are always doing something super fun with your school!


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