Saturday, March 24, 2012

I think I just saw a tumbleweed blow through here!

Everyone must be SO busy right now!  I know I have hardly updated my blog in the last week or so and my blog roll has only changed in the slightest of ways since Wednesday!

Where is everyone?!  I'm sending Michigan bloggy love to you all and hoping all is well!

I'm off for my monthly scrapbooking today with the rest of the SWANS (Scrapbooking Women At New Stores).  Yes.  We have a name.  And a logo!  And t-shirts!  HA!

I can't believe that I'm almost at 1600 followers already after just hitting 1500- thanks for caring about what I have to say and reading my posts that, at times, are extremely long and rambling!  :)

To celebrate, I'll be sharing a great predicting freebie tomorrow that I used with my K-2 reading intervention group this week- as well as explaining a bit how we do K-2 interventions at my school.

And, last but not least, "Jersey Boys" was great!  Hubby and I had a looooong discussion on the drive home about our favorite shows we've seen and, though it didn't make it into either of our top five, the person who played Frankie Valli was INCREDIBLE and hit those crazy high notes like nobody's business!  It was a really fun show!

Ok- off to scrapbook!  I'm working on finishing my pics from our trip to NYC last summer and making file folder scrapbooks for my students.  I only just started them, so I'm waaaay behind this year!  Yikes!

Blog at ya tomorrow... and let me know that you're still kicking out there!


  1. Love the tumbleweed reference. I have been MIA too, but mainly to be present all week. Enjoy your scrapbooking! It sounds like a blast!

    Apples and Papers

  2. Haha! You just made me laugh out out. I agree! It has been very quiet around here lately. I think people are either super busy teaching or just completely obsessed with Hunger Games. :)

    Have fun scrapbooking!

    A Year of Many Firsts

  3. I agree with you! I have been so busy, it's hard to get on here and post.

    My Life as a Fifth Grade Teacher

  4. Scrapbooking ~ I'm so far behind on mine. I don't there is anyway I will ever catch up.

    First Grade Delight

  5. I love your post title! :)
    I agree these last two weeks have really slowed down on blogs. I am actually on top of my reading!
    Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits

  6. I am here :) Check out my blog for a free Easter download and idea.

  7. Just wondering what your top 5 shows are, if Jersey Boys is not included...

  8. I'm always busy these days... and when I'm not busy, it seems like I just automatically fall asleep! I'm glad I am on spring break this week... I NEED a break!

  9. This past week was a world-wind for me. I thought I was the only MIA blogger.


  10. Thanks for sharing I love your blog I've given you an award

    Mon-"stars" of 2nd Grade


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