Tuesday, April 10, 2012

So TIRED, a Great Book, and a Freebie!

I am EXHAUSTED! Having a week off and then going back to work has kicked my butt!

My kiddos have been amazing and I have gotten a TON of good teaching in the past two days. Today we started collecting research for a weather report. They are working in small groups and they were buzzing away with interesting facts and highlighting like crazy! :)

We're also working on persuasive writing AND reviewing main idea this week. Yikes, I know. BUT... I found this great book called A Pig Parade is a Terrible Idea and we used it today to, not only identify the author's purpose and the effectiveness of his argument, but also to locate main ideas and details.  They *so* got it.  We'll see if I can strike gold again tomorrow with main idea in a non-fiction text.

I'm posting my fillable end of the year awards pack on TpT and Teacher' Notebook tonight. It has 40 awards that are fillable... so you don't have to write everyone's name out if you don't want to. There are awards for good friends, good partners, good spellers, growth in reading and math... and some unique awards too- "No Dust Bunnies" for kids who keep a neat and tidy area, "Marvelous Musician" for that one who is always humming or singing a tune, and even a "No Peeping" award for that kiddo who is always so quiet!

You can download the perfect attendance award for free at my TpT shop- just click the link below!
TpT (for the freebie!)          Teacher's Notebook

Check back in later this week for a great giveaway!!!!!!!  My kiddos are currently testing out a product and will be writing persuasive pieces to review it and I'll give you one for free!  (Actually, Learning Resources will... but I'll do the giveaway!!!)

The linky party for split/multi-age classrooms is still open... I hope you'll link up!


  1. This time of year can be so tiring for me too! We always have a ton of meeting, plus end of the year things, and teaching. I noticed since most of my kids are in sports, they are equally tired!
    Always good to visit your site.
    Sharing Kindergarten

  2. Christina - very cute award ideas! I got some a few years back and had them be the last page of our memory books and then bought candy to go with each unique award. Love that...and the kids feel so special. Looking forward to your next giveaway. :o) Come on over and guess what sport I did growing up for a free unit...
    Traditions, Laughter and Happily Ever After

  3. Christina~

    These are adorable!! Thanks so much for sharing!!

    Miss J
    Smiles, Crayons, and Endless Stories

  4. That's awesome that your students get to test educational products, and that you make it even more educational by having them write about it! You rock!

  5. That book looks like a good one. I still need to teacher persuasive writing this year, and we need to work on Main idea for Map testing. So I might just have to give that book a try.

  6. Thanks for the great book tip. We have been teaching persua1sive writing and this will be a great review after 7 school days off.

  7. I want that book! Looks so cute! I know what you mean about being tired. Is it Friday yet?

    Stepping Into First Grade

  8. Thanks for the book idea! Your awards pack looks awesome!

    First Grade Magic


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