Monday, April 9, 2012

Split Class & Multi-age Linky Party!

I've had a few e-mails about the logistics of a split class and I thought what a better way to answer those e-mails than to collect advice from other experts!

I would love for you to grab the button and link up to share your best tips and tricks for managing a split class- from academics to behavior.

Come on and join!

**Here is my advice to anyone taking on a split class- this is my 2nd year teaching 1st and 2nd grade combined and I love it.  It can be challenging to juggle two different sets of academics, but my best tip is to continue to teach at high levels.  It has AMAZED me what first graders can do when they are exposed to high expectations... not that other 1st grade teachers don't have high expectations, because you all rock and I know that you do, but I have to teach everything so my 2nd graders get it and my first graders rise to the occasion beautifully.

**We also do everything together except math.  Daily Five and CAFE have been a natural fit with a split class because I teach so many mini-lessons each week, I can differentiate over and over and hit multiple skills and skill sets.

**For math, I teach one grade level while the other does Debbie Diller inspired math workstations and then we flip-flop.

**One of my favorite things about a split class is seeing friendships blossom that would not have otherwise existed!

So, I guess that is more than 1 tip or trick... feel free to grab the button at the top, link up, and share all that you have!  Let's make this linky a big one!


  1. Yay! This is a great idea. I have gotten some emails and questions too! Thanks for setting this up. :)

    Marvelous Multiagers!

  2. I don't have a split and have never taught a split, but my teaching partner has and I've always said if we have another one, I'll step up to the plate.

    I can speak from a teamie of a split teacher perspective and say that you should support that split teacher as much as you can. In our school we always made sure to give her the most independent workers and the least amount of behavior problems. Of course the other two classes that were not split classrooms were somewhat "loaded" but that's the nature of the beast. I would NOT want to teach the split...okay, I know it can go well, you expressed that - but there would be such a HUGE learning curve for me...that I'm willing to take on more dependent and squirrely kids if she'll take on the dual curriculums, etc. Just my two cents.

    So, I won't link up...but I did want to toss that out there! ;)

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. Yay!!! Thanks so much for organizing this! I am such an organizer and planner and I am trying to get all the nformation I can before next year. You are awesome, as always!!

  4. I love this! I've been teaching second but next year will be a 1/2 split. Thank you so much for thinking of this! I can't wait to read all of the tips!
    Mrs. Castro's Class 2nd Grade...Spanglish Style

  5. This is awesome! I taught a 2/3 split a few years back! This is a nice resource!

  6. I taught a first/second split grade class last year in 2015/16, and I did several blog posts on my experiences! Check my blog here for some more ideas:
    And there are more here on my Pinterest board that is all about Combination Classes (Split Classes):
    Feel free to email me with questions, too!
    Heidi Butkus


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