Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mystery Readers

So, usually in March, I invite parents, grandparents, family friends, etc... to come and surprise their child by being a "Mystery Reader"... since it's reading month and all.

Well, this year I slacked a bit (actually, I missed a TON of school in March so didn't think I should do it then) and decided to hold off for May when I knew I would actually be present in my classroom!

How it works is I send a letter home explaining what a "Mystery Reader" even is (click it to expand!)...
And, when I have the responses, I make a calendar and, discreetly and with the stealth only a teacher could have, slip it in their HORSE folder for their loved one to find.

And then the fun begins!

Every day I post the daily schedule on the board and, in May (but typically March), the "Mystery Reader" schedule card comes out.  They check the board first thing everyday to see if we have a reader coming!  After lunch count and Daily Five choices are made, I read the five clues that are sent in and *hope* that the kiddo with the guest coming will be the one to raise their hand to guess.

Then, the guest arrives at the specified time (I always do it right before or right after lunch so they can come eat with their kiddo) and they come in and read us a book!

I love it... especially the ginormous smiles when the kiddos figure out it is their grandma or mom or cousin or big sister or dad or grandpa coming!

So, that's one of the fun things we are doing this month... but usually in March!  See if you can guess who is coming this Friday...

1.)  I have been in your school building, walked in the hallways, and seen the classrooms.
2.)  I am related to someone in Mrs. Bainbridge's class.
3.)  The person I am related to is the oldest person in Mrs. Bainbridge's class.  (Are you figuring it out yet?)
4.)  The oldest person in Mrs. Bainbridge's class is my daughter.  (At which time the kiddos will be confused since our oldest student is a boy!)
5.)  I am a girl.

Well... who do you think it is?  Two free flippy books to the first person who comments with the correct answers!  :)  Aimee guessed right... my mom is coming on Friday!  I can't wait!

Don't forget about this great giveaway either... only about 40 entries so far... so you've a good chance to win!


  1. Is it your Mom?


  2. We've had fun with Mystery readers this year! Could your reader be your Mom?

  3. so cute :) might have to borrow this idea!

  4. I love your Mystery Reader program! I've been thinking about starting this with my class over the summer (since we are in school through the summer and I always like to do something different for the summer months).


  5. It has to be your mom!!! How fun! My mom is a former teacher, AND her name is Mrs. Nelson. She always reads Miss Nelson is Missing.

  6. I love this idea! And, how sweet that your mom is coming in! I wonder if my mom would do that?

    Lori (
    Teaching With Love and Laughter


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