Saturday, May 5, 2012

Noun Freebie and Sale News!

 TpT          Teacher's Notebook

I know everyone's getting ready for sales this week... TpT is offering an EXTRA 10% off if you enter the code TAD12 when you checkout and I'm offering 20% off at both TpT and Teacher's Notebook May 6-9... AND Teacher's Notebook is offering 7 lucky winners each a $100.00 Teacher's Notebook gift certificate.  How awesome is that?  My store links are over there -----> See 'em?  It's actually more of a diagonal line up, but accomplishing that with dashes is a bit complicated!  Or click the links in the text above!  I hear you can browse, put things in your cart, and then check out tomorrow when the sales begin.  Teri at A Cupcake for the Teacher is doing a great linky where you can find everyone's sales!  I'm headed over to take a peek at them right now...  Here is a peek for you at a few of my best selling items...

Tomorrow is the start of a day of free stuff over at TpT too!  Check back tomorrow to see what I'll be putting up for free!  It's one you can use in your classroom or leave for emergency plans for a sub... that's the only hint I'm giving.  It's one of my best sellers... but I left if off the list for a bit of mystery...

And, as promised, another poem with an activity freebie.  We're grammar reviewing this week for morning work.  And, while this format may be overkill, we love poems and I like this format, so we're doing a different one every day.

Here's the noun page:

I have a compound word and antonym page just like this posted on my blog somewhere!  You can use the "Find it Fast" labels over on the left to search for them if you missed them.


  1. Thanks for the freebie Christina!

  2. Always love your freebies - for some reason they just work for me! :)

    Happy weekend...when is your last day?

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  3. Love the noun freebie! Thank you!

    I'm a new fan :)

    Heather at


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