Sunday, September 23, 2012

Double Digit Addition Freebies!

Ya'll have been so patient with me as I've been a little MIA and just so BUSY since school started... you've stuck with this little blog even though I feel like I haven't contributed anything helpful in a week or two (except maybe showing you about my RRJs which got some great feedback!).

So, today I finally have something useful!  It helps that I'm actually writing this post on Saturday while hubby plays Madden and the laundry is going and I'm simultaneously playing games on my phone with my friend... but anyway...

We run an intervention time called "Success Time" at my school.  Currently, we have a need for math interventions so that's what we're doing.  The third grade is needing extra support with story problems and double digit addition, so I have planned two double digit addition activities this week which I'm sharing with you!

Just click the picture to download them from my TpT store... I'd love to know what you think too!

It's Sunday so, of course, I'm off to school for the morning/early afternoon!  Hope your day is a great one!


  1. I love it - what a fantastic resource! I have some younger students who need math enrichment and I can't wait to use it with them. Thanks so much!!

  2. THank you so much for sharing. I love the "Rock Add Roll" game. I can definitely use this for my 2nd graders. Thanks again for sharing.

  3. These will make a great center for my second graders. Thanks Christina!

    EduKate and Inspire

  4. This will be a great addition to our study of addition.
    Thanks for sharing.


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