Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Loren Leedy Winner and my Reading 100 Club First Member!

Congrats to Abby! You've won an autographed copy of Loren Leedy's newest book...

Thanks to all who entered!  I hope you'll check out Loreen's amazing books which are all perfect for the classroom!

I got the first member of my 100 Club in class today!

If you haven't been introduced to my 100 Club, it's a "club" kids can be a member of once they have read 50, 75, and 100 books outside of normal reading time at school.  We've been in school about six weeks and one of my sweeties read his 50th book this morning!

I put his name on a sticky note on my banner!

Here's how the 100 Club works... you can click the pics to see more!

Students were given a parent letter and recording sheet in the 2nd week of school.
Find it on TpT!

The students read {outside of normal reading time} and record the titles on their sheet.  It is each student's responsibility to let me know when they have read 50, 75, and 100 books and, believe me, they keep me posted!

When a student reads 50 books, they become a "Bronze Member", receive a special award, and get to eat lunch with me in the classroom on Friday during my regularly scheduled "Lunch Bunch" that I do every Friday.
Find it on TpT!

At 75 books, the student is a "Silver" member and at 100, they are a Gold member!

I also give out special bookmarks when they achieve each level too...
Find it on TpT!

My students are so excited about this motivator and I love that it gets them reading outside of their comfort zones!

If you want to check it out on TpT, click the link under any of the pics!


  1. Congratulations to Abby...your copy of Jack & the Hungry Giant is on its way!

    Many thanks to Christina for hosting the giveaway and to everyone who entered. Don't forget, you can always borrow the book from your library. Happy reading!


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