Thursday, May 15, 2014

Interactive Writer's Notebook {New!... Yay!!!}

It's almost Friday!  I'm getting ready to eat a bagel on the couch with my backpack for sure!  {Who knows what I'm talking about?!}

I just put the finishing touches on an ULTIMATE Writer's Notebook pack and we've been using the resources to help us review what we've learned in writing this year.  I can't WAIT to start using this on Day 1 in the fall.  My kiddos are loving this so much, they are asking to stay in at recess to add pieces we aren't using right now so that they can work on these over the summer!

Over 100 pages with "Teach Me" pages to help direct instruction and then "My Turn!" pages for students to practice each skill... from general writing conventions/grammar to opinion, informational, how-to, and narrative writing!

Lots of flap books and other opportunities for students to interact with their writing!

Check it out on TpT!

I'd love to know what you think!


  1. Looks amazing! I would love a first grade version!!! :)

  2. It truly does look amazing! I would be very interested in a 2nd grade version! I have found K-1 Writing Products like this, but they aren't quite at the level I'd want to use for 2nd grade.

    1. Rebecca...plz let me know what you have found for K-1 that is similar to this. I am looking for recommendations.

  3. Yes I need this for 2nd there one out there?

  4. I was actually looking for something like this! This would be perfect for my 2nd graders!

  5. So excited to start the year off using this!! Exactly the type of thing I have been looking for!

  6. Looks fantastic! Just what I need to teach ALL of the writing aspects. Thanks.


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