Saturday, May 24, 2014

What We've Been Doing, Writer's Notebook WINNER, and a Sunny Saturday FREEBIE!

It's been a busy busy week in Room 108!

Check out what we've been doing...

We've been brushing up on character traits and motivation.  We met in small groups and used our "Character Traits" Thoughtmarks and passages from to find PROOF to support our thoughts about character traits...

We also practiced character traits with these pages from my "Character Traits:  Match it!  Prove it!" pack...
Can you read what they say?  The kiddos were given a character trait at random and had to read the scenario.  Then decide how a person with that particular trait would react to the situation.  I LOVE this activity.  It really forces kids to think about how having a certain trait would cause a character to react in a certain way.  They all know how they would react and this makes them think about how one's personality causes them to respond to challenges.

Anyway- I loved the third one... what would you do if you were disrespectful and (the jist of the story is...) you received a birthday gift you didn't like.

My friend wrote, "I would say no and throw it on the floor and stomp on it and punch him in the face because I did not like it and it is not a good video game".  I love the first one too... what would you do if you were grouchy and a storm was coming and your little cousin was afraid?  This dearie wrote, "I would tell him to go outside and see if it is storming and if it's not, I would yell, 'If it's not storming, then don't worry about it!'  Why?  Cause I'm tired of listening to him whining about his fear of storms though I'm scared of storms too!".

My kiddos really got into it and LOVED sharing their responses!

We also took a break and did this cute writing project... Denise at Sunny Days in Second Grade posted a similar project on Instagram and I just had to do it with my class!  So, I downloaded Ashley Hughes' free sunglasses clipart on TpT and this was born...

Did you know you can use a HOT GLUE GUN to stick papers on cinder block walls??????  That's how these puppies are stuck!

Keep on reading and you may find a freebie related to this project!

And... WRITER'S NOTEBOOK GIVEAWAY WINNER!!!!!!!  I posted these last week and have had such positive feedback from buyers, wish-listers, and my friends who proofed these packs for me!  I'm going to leave them on sale for $2.50 off for the rest of the weekend if anyone would like to take advantage of that!

Thanks to everyone who entered to win their choice of the 1-2 pack or the 3-5 pack!  The winner is...

Congrats, Tania!  I'll be sending you your choice of Writer's Notebook packs!

And, if you didn't win but would still like a freebie, click the picture below to download the sign we hung with our "Looking Forward to Summer" writings!

That is all, friends!  Have an enjoyable Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. Love the Looking Forward to Summer idea! Soooooo cute! Thanks for sharing!



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