Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Midunderstood Minds- Understanding and Experiencing Learning Difficulties {This is a MUST do, teacher friends!!!}

We've been doing lots of training at school recently about utilizing technology in the classroom.  One session particularly caught my attention... understanding students with learning difficulties.

As a teacher, it's my job to teach all students and I strive to do just that... teaching how students learn... BUT, I'll admit that I have wanted to say things like, "Of has two letters... it isn't 'u-v'... it's 'o-f'... how is it that hard to know that?!" at times.  Not a proud moment... but a moment of genuine not understanding on my part.

And how about, "I'm only going to give this direction once, so make sure you pay good attention!"... I can't be the only teacher who has said that before!  After doing the module on listening attention {and feeling SO frustrated that I couldn't do it and SO determined to do it correctly!} I'm definitely re-thinking some things for those kiddos who struggle with oral directions.  You have to try out the "Auditory Activity" in the attention tab... and let me know what you think.  This one was so hard for me and I just wanted to do it so badly!!!!!

You HAVE to try these things out.  You can complete simulations for reading, writing, math, and attention difficulties and I promise you will think of kids in your classroom that fit in each of these categories... AND guarantee you will come away with a new understanding {and compassion!} about students' learning troubles!

Click the image below to go to Misunderstood Minds.  Then, click the tabs on the left to go to each type of learning difficulty.  You can complete a simulation for each one by clicking the "Experience Firsthand" links at the top.

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