Saturday, July 30, 2016

Most Amazing Prize Box Ever... Thanks to Oriental Trading!

I was so excited to get an e-mail from Oriental Trading a few weeks ago.

Katie asked if I had anything on my wishlist that I would like them to send me...

UMMMM... YES!!!!!!!

And, since I'm not in the classroom anymore, this was such a great opportunity for me to build up my prizes in my office!  Kids in my building receive SOAR tickets for good choices and, if their ticket is pulled, they'll be able to get a prize!  And, now, thanks to Oriental Trading, I have top-notch goodies for my kindergarten, first, and second grade friends!

So, I got home the other day and this little beauty was waiting for me...

I opened it up...


Here's what I got.  You can click each picture to learn more about the goodies!

FIFTY cars for about $20!

A huge assortment of pens!

And the coup de grace of the pen assortment was these lovelies that let you change ink colors!  Who isn't going to want that from the prize box???  Can you tell I'm super stoked?

Along with pens, we had to get an assortment of notebooks, of course!

Had to have stickers...

And tattoos!

 Last... bubbles!!!!!

Would you believe that the total cost for all of these items was under $75.00?!

Here's my wish list so you can see more about these goodies and some of the other things I'd like to get in the future.  YOU should definitely create your wishlist and share it out too.  What an EASY way for parents to help support you in the classroom!!!!!!!

I'm particularly psyched about the Back to School Photo Booth Props on my wishlist.  As a classroom teacher, I took pictures of my students at the start of each month and used lots of these types of props.  I would have LOVED adding those to my collection if I had stayed in the classroom this year!

I hope you enjoyed seeing this items and maybe got some ideas of your own!

Like I said... check out Oriental Trading and build up that wishlist.  I'm sure it would be a hit with classroom families who want to help support you with STUFF in your classroom this year!

F.Y.I.- I was provided with these materials from Oriental Trading.  This post contains my opinion based on my experience with the products.


  1. How very exciting. Don't you just love the start of a new teaching year when everything is new and fresh! Here in Australia we are halfway through our teaching year as we operate the same as a calendar year. All the best!
    Mrs Stowe's Kinder Cottage

  2. How fantastic is that! Love the prizes. The students will love them.
    Stephanie from Principal Principles


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