Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Quick and Easy Assessments {Snapshots!}

I just got some amazing feedback on one of my best-selling products...


So... they are all on sale!

20% off through Friday!

Check out this old blog post.  I graded these in under 5 minutes and got an accurate assessment on how my students were doing on this one specific skill!

Grading.  It can be KILLER!

BUT... I use "Snapshots" each week to assess my students on a grammar concept and a comprehension skill... and I'm so happy to report that I can grade a class set of "Snapshots" in under 5 minutes... and, since each "Snapshot" is targeted to one Common Core standard, I can find out exactly who is successful and who needs more support so I can provide intervention right away!

So... here's the stack and the timer at zero...

And, here's the graded stack and the timer at 4 minutes and 21 seconds!

I teach ELA to two sections of third graders so, if it wasn't for these assessments, I think I'd spend every weekend grading!  I also love that students can complete these in about 4 minutes and 21 seconds too, so, even though we do two every week, they don't feel "assessed to death".

Click the banner below to check them out on TpT and snag them for 20% off... until Friday!  There are some sample packs available too- you can find them by clicking the link.  They're free and offer you a peek at one math, grammar, and comprehension snapshot for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades!

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  1. I love these for my second graders! It was a great way to either intro, review, or assess! You can see pictures of my kids using them if you go to this link.


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