Saturday, September 23, 2017

My Mobile Principal's Office

Happy weekend, bloggy friends!

We just finished our 15th full day of school and it's been awesome to see how far our little kiddos have come in these past few weeks.  There is so much learning going on in my school and I'm incredibly proud of my staff and students!

I love going out and about to visit my classrooms and see the learning in action... but sometimes it's hard to get away from the mound of e-mails and computer work I have going on.

However... problem solved!

Meet my new Mobile Principal's Office!

Anyone else have billions of random carts around school?  I found this beauty this summer and commandeered it.  I thrilled when it was not needed and the mobile office was born!

It's decorated (or course!) with this cute banner that used to hang in my classroom and equipped with everything one might need in the course of a day in the life of a K-2 principal:

A bucket of treats for my teachers:

Stickers, tissues, hand sanitizer, and books:

These books have come in handy on two occasions now...
1.)  a specials teacher was running a few minutes late (oh the joys of shared staff!) and I had to cover in her room.  Grabbed "The Seals on the Bus" and had a rip roaring time reading with the kinders!
2.)  kiddo didn't want mom to leave and was very distraught!  We sat in the hall together and read "You Don't Want a Unicorn" (which is seriously funny) and "LouElla Mae- She's Run Away" (with has a serious twist ending) while kiddo calmed down.

And, on top, I have my Surface (which I LOVE), sticky notes, SOAR tickets, "Eastside is Proud Of"... cards (staff can write and turns these cards in to me to praise a student and I read them on the announcements), chapstick, and my clipboard with "Fast Feedback" forms when I decide to do an impromptu quick observation session.

I love this!  I have had it out several times and it allows me to roam the halls while I continue working on my computer stuff.  I park it outside of classrooms to handle quick issues and it allows me to be even MORE visible in the building.

Some days it's tough to get out of the office and the cart stays parked in the corner of my office... but, when I have the chance to get out and about, I'm LOVING having my Mobile Office to do it!

Other administrators... how do you stay productive AND visible at the same time?

Have a great weekend, friends!  It's a scorcher here in Michigan... so stay cool!

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  1. So proud of you Christina! I have been a follower for years way back to MSNteacher club. I am sure you are a wonderful principal. Thank you for all the creative ideas you have shared over the years.


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