Saturday, July 13, 2019

A New Way to Display Desk Name Tags!

Did you see my blog post a few weeks ago about using a plastic frame to hold students' desk tags instead of taping down a traditional name tag?

Here's a Blog Post REWIND to show you all about it!

At the end of the year, I made my kiddos gifts that looked like this:

And I put them in frames like this from Dollar Tree:

I had them sitting on their desks when they came back from their special... and they loved them!  It gave me all the feels to see them so happy!  Some of them didn't want to take them home, as we had two half days of school left and so they kept them on their desks.

At first, I was thinking they might get knocked or fall or it would be hard to see over them... but none of those things happened and it was actually super convenient.  And that got me thinking that this might be an amazing way to do student name tags for desks!

So, I tried it and I made this...

And then I thought... wouldn't they love to come in on their birthdays and have something special slid into their frames?  So, I made this!

And then I thought... wouldn't it be cool to give them special little shout outs for different things during the year and have them in their frames to surprise them?  So, I made THIS...

And then I was just having so much fun that I made this pack full of options for editable desk tags and student celebrations!

I'm excited to do this in my classroom next year.  No more wrestling with tape to stick the tags down, peeling tape, cleaning gunk off tables... just easy name tags that we can move in a snap AND can use to celebrate our successes!


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