Thursday, July 18, 2019

Making a Weekly Homework Sheet Work for Me!

We are required to send home homework during the week and, this year, I found sending a packet home on Monday worked best for me.

Every Monday, my students received a packet with their homework for the week.  I always "assign" something per night, but they can complete it at their leisure and return on Friday!

Homework always followed the same basic format:

-a passage to read 3x to develop fluency
-a page from THIS pack on TpT that aligns with Eureka math (one of my best ever purchases and one that I will be re-purchasing so I can have the 2nd grade pack for the upcoming year!)
-a page to practice our weekly high-frequency words
-a math practice page focusing on math facts (number bonds, simple addition/subtraction, etc...)

Keeping the type of work the same allowed students to be independent, which I think parents appreciated!

My start to the school year was a whirlwind and I found it hard to keep up with creating a homework sheet and a newsletter each week, so I combined them into one and stapled it to the front of the homework packet.

It worked so well!  And, doing it on Google Slides, meant I could easily work on it at home if needed and then access at school.

This year, I have jazzed up the look of my homework sheet and I am officially in LOVE.

Here's the "look" with some fake info thrown in so you can get the full effect...

I have uploaded this template to TpT too... it's 100% editable so you can completely customize for your classroom!

If you're looking for a simple, effective homework/classroom happenings communication tool that you can customize in Google Slides, check it out!  Check out EDITABLE CALENDARS in Google Slides too!


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