Sunday, August 4, 2019

This Weekend's Cricut Projects

I want to shout it from the roof tops and I don't care who knows it...

I LOVE MY CRICUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is what I made this weekend.

I found some vinyl at Wal-Mart and was so happy because it was less than $5 for the roll and it was Cricut brand!  As a newbie, I didn't look at the packaging carefully and ended up buying removable vinyl.  At first, I was bummed.  But, then I realized that this is probably just the kind of vinyl I would need to use on my white board at school!

So, I got busy making vinyl for different white board areas.  I have a floor to ceiling white board at the front and back of my classroom... I think each one is 12 feet long!  That's a lot of space for vinyling!  (Think an image of Mr. Burns with his fingers together saying, "Excellent".  Me.  That's how I feel about this!)


I bought one of those magnetic LED lights from Bullseye's playground for $3... I'm going to use it for a voice level display.  I tried first to put the words inside each number... but that didn't pan out.  So, now I'll place them below or next to when I put them on the board.

Finally, I did something with PAPER!!!!!  This will go at the top of my back white board, I think!  I can't WAIT to be able to get into my room and put all of this stuff (and the box in my garage and the box in my office and the stuff in the back of my Jeep) up and away! 


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