Sunday, November 25, 2012

Blank Comic Freebie & Sales Everywhere!

Earlier this week I made and posted a new product and I want to share four pages of it with you!

I made a huge pack of blank comics that you can use to assess and assign on whatever you want... students just have to figure out a way to cater the dialog to meet your expectations!

We did one last week with a turkey and students had to include 1 possessive noun.  They got to add their own other character (which they loved) and then design the backgrounds and add their own dialog... which could be anything as long as it had a possessive noun!

I got some super thoughtful and clever things... and I got to see who understood possessive nouns and who didn't!

So, just click the picture below to head over and get your "Winter Sports" blank comics!  I'd love to hear your ideas on how you could use them... the possibilities are really endless!

Grab it on TpT

The whole pack is on sale for $1 off at my TpT store and will them be 20% off PLUS an additional 10% off during the TpT Cyber Monday plus Tuesday sale starting tomorrow!!!!!

There are tons of sales in the works for this weekend (what's left of it anyway!) and then tomorrow & Tuesday.  Right now, everything in my TN shop is 20% off plus 10% more that TN is offering... then TpT tomorrow and Tuesday!  I'm off to browse right now and start adding stuff to my cart!

Check back tomorrow or Tuesday... we did those "crackers" at my house on Thanksgiving- you know the toilet paper roll looking things with stuff inside... and my husband's had this really neat math thing inside that I'm going to make bigger and share.  It's super cool!


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