Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Newelstter... Reminder!

Snow day... how I love thee... especially when you make my Mid-Winter break SIX fabulous days long!  :) 

As soon as I publish this, I'm actually going to work out (WHAT?!) for the THIRD DAY IN A ROW... (WHAT?!  WHAT?!  Where is Christina and who hijacked this blog?!).

Then I'm going to read, relax, try to stay off the computer!  And get ready to go see "HAIR" tonight with the hubby!

Just a quick reminder that, if you would like to get my newsletter tomorrow... you've gotta sign up!

You can subscribe to it by looking to the right... find where it says "Subscribe to my Newsletter", type your e-mail address in the box, and hit the button that says "Subscribe".  Easy!

I'm adding one more regular segment to my newsletter...

You can learn tomorrow about an upcoming giveaway starting on Monday in the newsletter tomorrow!

Thanks friends!  Check that e-mail tomorrow at 10am!


  1. I'm all signed up! Enjoy your day and your HAIR! Lucky you to have a two day week!

  2. I'm signed up. Can't wait to read it! Have a relaxing day and enjoy yourself at HAIR tonight.

    Live Love Laugh and Teach!

  3. I signed up! I also have a snow day today and I live in Michigan. We are on our 5th snow day! We have had one every week for the last 5 weeks-not sure what it is like to teach a 5 day week. Enjoy!

  4. I'm gonna sign up right after I type this! We had a snow day today too...woo hoo!!!!!

    Will you motivate me to work out too, pretty please!?!?!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  5. I had a snow day today too here in Maine! We are expecting 8-14 inches! (So much snow this year...yikes!) I'll be signing up!!


  6. Yeah for a snow day!! I am so signing up for your newsletter!

    Apples and Papers


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