Sunday, March 31, 2013

Guest Blogger- Patty from 2nd in Line and a Chance to WIN!

Thanks, Patty... my BBFF (that would be Best Blog Friend Forever!) from 2nd in Line for guest blogging for me today!  I know you're going to love love love what she has to say!  So, while the ham is in the oven or later tonight when you are busy digesting, check out her post and then take advantage of the "Spring Cleaning" sale lots of us are doing at TpT and TN... everything in my shop is 20% off until the end of tonight!... and Happy Easter! 

If you are here, it's because  you love Christina and all that she shares with you. That's exactly why I'm here. Christina was instrumental in getting me started in blogging over a year ago. She and I have met at several different training sessions in our county. (She even wanted to teach in my building. . . That's another story, and one that I wish would have happened. Can you imagine if you got to teach in the same building as her!) And that my friends was the beginning of our friendship. I truly love having her in my back pocket, knowing she is there to help me anytime that I need it.

Christina is on a long over due VACA and she asked me. . . ME. . . ME to fill in for her while she's gone. Talk about a boost to my ego! Thank YOU Miss Christina for allowing me this gift to write for you today.

My name is Patty and I have been teaching 2nd grade (and only 2nd grade) for 34 years. Yea, that's a long time and also probably a lot longer than some of your ages! I started my blog, Second in Line, last winter when I had a student teacher and some extra time on my hands. In August I decided to start selling the stuff that I made on TPT. I only have about 39 things in there, but those things are labors of love and things that have helped my 2nd graders a lot.

Today I want to highlight one of my most recent activities that I made. (I actually have to give credit to my teaching partner Cathie who teaches across the hall from me. She has a way of thinking of things in a very logical way that gets to the core of what kids need.)

I've titled it Eggstra Value.  It can be played as a SCOOT game or used in a center for math. Each card has a written number. The students must write down the number that matches the words. It helps them to sort out the values of each number and to write it in the correct place.  There is a recording sheet for the students to put their answers on and an answer key is also included so it can be self checking.

I like this idea because it benefits both the reader and the math-er (is that a real word? If one who reads is called a reader, then what do you call one who does math? . . a math-er!)  Kids need to know how to read the words and where to put them in the place value positions. I believe this activity gets this practice in for kids.

I am going to give this activity to Christina as a gift for allowing me to guest blog for her. But I would also like to give it to 3 other people. All you have to do is to go over to my blog, leave a comment with your name, email address, and the grade you teach. I too am on vacation right now, so when I return, I'll have my husband pick 3 random numbers that match up to your replies and I'll get them sent to you, probably on Sunday or Monday.

Happy Easter!



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