Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Homophone Fun... You Know... When Two Words Sound The Same?!

We did a homophone hallway hunt today.  We've been doing hunts in the room so much and the kiddos were THRILLED to be able to do one in the hallway!  I laughed my tail off explaining about the "Eye Tricked Ewe!" cards and they gave me some serious stink-eye every time they got tricked by one in the hallway!  Bwahaha!


After reviewing homophones for days, having them as spelling words this week, explaining the hunt we were doing today, etc... one of my girlies came up to me with this most puzzled look on her face and this was our conversation:

sweetie- "Um... Mrs. Bainbridge?  This is kind of hard."
me- "What are you having trouble with?"
sweetie- "Well, both of the words on the card sound the same when you say them."
me- "Yes, that's because they are homophones."
sweetie {as a lightbulb goes off}- "Ohhh!"

And then she got them all right!  :)

Tonight I'm hoping for a NOT snow day tomorrow... we're out of days... so do an un-snow dance for me... please!  This gal does not want to be going to school for one random Monday in June to make up a day!
Here's the hunt we did today!  You can click the pic or link for more info!


  1. Conversations like that always make me wonder exactly what is going through their little minds the first 47,000 times you talked about homophones!

  2. Love the idea of a hallway hunt! Isn't funny when you can explain things a million times and then suddenly you see the lightbulb go off and they figure it out!

    Love to Learn


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