Thursday, March 21, 2013

I Cannot Tell a Lie... and a Linky!

Earlier this week I participated in a super fun linky party hosted by Mrs. Reed at Flying into First Grade.  The rules were simple... tell two truths and a lie about yourself and see if your readers can guess the lie!

So... here's what I said:

*I once tripped on a piece of citrus fruit and broke my arm.
*I have never seen "The Sound of Music".
*I have been to a Target store in every state I've ever been to.


I once tripped on a piece of citrus fruit and broke my arm.  I had actually broken it while roller skating and one of my parents (who shall remain unnamed) didn't think it was really broken.  Then we were at someone's house and I tripped in their yard on a grapefruit or orange or something, landed on the already hurt arm, and... BROKEN!

I have never seen "The Sound of Music".  Cue the throwing of rotten tomatoes at me.  I know, I know!  For all of the musicals I HAVE seen... which I'd love to bore you with, but you'd probably stop following my blog because the list is long... this is one I've never seen on stage OR the movie.  I know.  I stink!

I have been to a Target store in every state I've ever been to.  No...  I haven't.  Shocking.  As a HUGE Target lover, it is now my goal to go to Target in every state I travel to.  So now I drag hubby there on all of our vacations!  We'll be doing to Boston for Spring Break so I should start mapping out my trip now and finding Targets to visit along the way!

And a linky...

Have you seen this?

I'm hosting a linky party to spread love and cheer throughout the bloggy world.  Just post about a blog you love, grab the button, link up, and then let your friend know that someBUNNY loves their blog!

There are already lots of people linked up... I'd love to see you there too!  You can click that oval button to head to that post and find out who I think is special, find some great new blogs, and link up too!

Can't get enough of that AH-dorable graphic?  Spend some more time with that bunny graphic in this Easter inference activity in my TpT store!  I did it with a small group today and they had so much fun!


  1. We have plenty of snow for you to enjoy!

  2. I just used your inferencing packet today and my kids LOVED it! It was so adorable and the "design your own basket" became a game at our Easter party this afternoon.

    Teaching in Wonderland

  3. Just acquired the Easter bunny pack :) I'm going to use it next week as an Easter activity - will leave you feedback shortly but it looks great :) Thanks



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