Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Why I Do What I Do {Showing Off Student Work}

It's that time again...
I'm changing it up just a smidge and connecting each "Why I Do..." with one of my beliefs about teaching and learning.

I have these posted on my closet door in my room and love having them displayed.  Everything I do ties in to these believes that I have...

Today I want to tell you about my belief that "Hard Work, Done Right, Feels Good"!  I have a "Star Effort" frame in my room.  It's a cheap-y plastic frame from Wal-Mart.  It's magnetic and I decorated it a few years ago with some stars and lettering so it says "Star Effort".  Whenever a student truly goes above and beyond on an assignment or project, their star work is displayed in the frame at the front of the room!

Students love to see their one shining great example displayed at the front of the room.  It stays there for a week or so and everyone can go up and see the hard work completed by a classmate.

How do you celebrate hard work by individual students?  Link up below and share!


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