Thursday, August 14, 2014

Three fer Thursday {Working on Inferences}

Happy Thursday, ya'll!  It's a 3 fer Thursday!

One of my favorite reading comprehension skills to teach is inferencing.  I love watching my kiddos dig for information and justify conclusions using text clues.

Today I'm doing a 3 fer on my inferencing packs... there are actually four, so today's more of a Four fer Fursday!

"Have your CAKE and INFERENCE too!" is a super fun pack featuring amazing cake clipart by the 3am Teacher.  The Crazy Cakes bake shop has mixed up orders and it's up to your students to read the order forms and decide which cake each customer would like to order!

This Easter themed inference pack is all about a silly Easter bunny who has mixed up his baskets.  Can your students read about each family member, look at the contents of each basket, and decide who would like each basket?

This one is always a winner with my kiddos... they LOVE studying the robots in this "Robo*Buddies Inference Pack".  Five kids each want the hottest new toy- a Robo*Buddy!  Robo*Buddies each have different personalities and can do different things.  It's up to your students to read about each of the kids and decide which Robo*Buddy would be the best match for each of the children.

Last... 'twas the night before the Ugly Sweater party and no one in the house could decide which sweater would be the best to wear!  Read about the members of the family, look at the ugly sweaters, and help them get ready for the party!

Each pack is self-checking for use at centers or complete together in small groups.  Each pack contains a recording sheet, answer key, and a way for students to create their own inference project by either making an Easter basket, designing a crazy cake, coming up with their own amazing Robo*Buddy, or imagining a truly ugly sweater.

I'm going to sneak in one more for a bonus... even though this pack focuses on commas and quotation marks in dialogue, it does include an inference activity that exposes kiddos to commas and quotation marks used correctly in dialogue.  Students read dialogue of a monster describing itself and students match that up to the monster pictures.  My kiddos LOVE the monster graphics!

Enjoy these for 20% off today and feel free to share your inference products in the comments!


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