Friday, August 22, 2014

You Might Be a Teacher If... {Fun Linky and Instafun!}

I'm changing up the color scheme in my room a little bit this year and going from less "color everywhere" to more focusing on a few colors... pics to come soon!  Anyway, while getting ready for the new colors, I had a "Holy cow, only a teacher!" moment and so...

I thought I'd share this and say...

So, this is what happened when I spray painted my table caddies so they'd be pink for my room instead of dark blue!
Who else has random colors and shapes in their yard because of school projects?  What other "You Might Be a Teacher If..." do you have?  Please link up and share!

Just grab the image below.  Save it and then open it up in your word processing program.  Add a text box on the apple and share your "You Might Be a Teacher If..."!  Then link up below.  You can join the fun on Instagram too... post the pic and use the hashtag #youmightbeateacherif.


  1. That's so funny! I had blue patches in my grade grass from painting my stool!

  2. Unfortunately I spray painted my teacher toolbox on the driveway, I did put it on newspaper, just not enough. There is now a blue rectangle in the driveway, and the driveway wasn't mine!
    Frampton's FUNdamentals

  3. That's awesome! I'm sure I would do the same. :).

  4. I've definitely done that. What a fun linky! I'll have to join in sometime later.

    Don't Let the Teacher Stay Up Late


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