Sunday, September 7, 2014

Don't Run Out of Copies... Quick and Easy Idea!

Happy *almost* Monday, friends!  Tomorrow starts my first full week of school (we had 3 1/2 days last week) and I'm so ready!

I spent last week getting my kiddos acclimated to the rules and routines of my room and getting things we'll use all year set up with my little friends.

As we were setting up our RRJs and passing out our nightly reading logs, I just ran tons of copies of the reading log so kids can easily get a new one when their old one is filled.  I have a spot in my room with a pile of these copies and my kiddos are trained to take one from the pile when needed.

What makes me so sad though... is when someone takes the last copy and I don't know about it!

So, I have a quick solution!

The last piece of paper in the stack has this on it:

Last copy!  Do not use... give to Ms. Bainbridge!

And... problem solved!  When the kiddos get to the end of the pile, I know right away and can quickly copy more!

To check out the RRJ pack that this page comes from, click the pic below!  Now is a great time to get this routine established in your classroom... mine could NOT wait to get their RRJs set up and were so happy to know they'd get to start taking them home tomorrow!  I even had kiddos do RRJ entries on notebook paper at home last week and bring them to me the following day... they were so pumped!

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