Monday, July 1, 2013

Monday Made-It... Pretty Little Calendar! {Freebie too!}

Yay!  It's that time again... Monday Made-It!

If you've followed my blog this week, you know I've been busy making printable buntings of all colors, themes, and holidays.  I've seriously had TOO MUCH FUN!  You can check them out and see if I have your theme by clicking HERE!  And, if I don't have your theme and you want one, let me know and I will make it for you!

I shared so much last week and was busy creating again this week!

Remember my pretty little teacher binder I showed you last week?  If not, click the pic to see what I'm talking about!

Well, this week I made a pretty little calendar to go inside of it!

 Everyone can click the image below and print that page for a pretty little July calendar.  If you're a fan of my blog's Facebook page, the July 2013-July 2014 calendar has just been uploaded as my latest Facebook Fan Freebie!!!  Just click the HERE to head to my FB page so you can "Like" and download!

I also made this cute little Bucket Filler bucket!

Our kiddos can earn bucket filler slips from adults at school during the day and (when I remember!) I pull two out at the end of the day and those kiddos get to go to the office to get a treat.  This year I'm going to make it a class job to bring me the bucket at the end of the day because I never remember!  Any cute ideas for the name for that job, by the way?

Anyway, I cut a hole in the lid so kids can stuff their slips inside, then I can just shake it up, pull out slips, and let the happy feelings flow!

I would totally share that label with you but I just went to find it on my computer and apparently I didn't save it!

It's just Modge Podged on to a container!  :)

So, link up your most recent "Monday Made-It" and let's see what you've been creating!

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  1. I love your calendars! You make such cute things!

  2. This is SO cute! I wish our entire school was involved with bucket filling!! I use it every year as behavior management. Each student has their own (cheap -i think $6 for 12 of them at Oriental Trading- which is perfect for a self-contained classroom like my own) ... but could you name the class job "Bucket Helper" ? Sorry I'm not too creative!

  3. Thanks for the calendar. It's cute! I LOVE the jar for Bucket Filler slips. Too cute!


  4. Your calendar turned out cute! You could name the job "Bucket Deliverer." Clearly, my creative juices have not yet started flowing this morning!
    Enchanting Elementary

  5. Cute calendar! How about the "Bucket Brigade?

  6. Love the calendar! I think you should assign the job to two kiddos. That way, one kiddo can remind the other or if one is absent, the other can do the job. For the job about "The Bainbridge Bucket Brigade"?

    Lizzy from *The Teacher Chick*

    1. too funny! I didn't see the above comment until I hit publish! Great minds think alike!

  7. I was also thinking of Bucket Brigade.

  8. Great minds think alike! I was also thinking Bucket Brigade! OR Bucket Manager?? The calendar and planner look super sweet! Thanks for sharing!
    Short and Sassy Teacher

  9. Love the binder and calendar- thanks for sharing!


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