Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Using Flippy Books in Interactive Notebooks

I'm linking this post up with 4MulaFun to share how you can use flippy books in interactive notebooks by making a few snips!  Ignore this top stuff if you want... and skip down to flippy goodness below!

Happy Wednesday!

Hubs and I went to see "Billy Elliot" last night and it was amazing!  The little boy who played Billy was ridiculously talented... if you've seen it, can we gush together for a moment about the scene right before the intermission when Billy was dancing infront of the picket line?  OMG.  That was in-freaking-credible!  We also ate dinner at a Ruth's Chris Steakhouse.  Aside from the bill, it was an incredibly amazing meal... yum!!!!!!!

That's the end of our musicals until the fall... boo!  Today is our 9 year anniversary.  I woke up to these on the counter:

And, yesterday, he surprised me with this:
Let's hear it for the BLING!  Woot woot!

Anyway... while we were out celebrating, I got a question from a user on TpT.  Am I the only one who panics every time I see one of these come through?  I'm always worried it's an error or someone who's mad at me!

But it was a user asking me if flippy books could be used in interactive notebooks.

My first response was no.  Because of how they are folded, gluing them in a notebook would cover up some of the information.

But the more that I thought about it, I realized that they could!

You have to make 1 cut, but then it will work!

So, I'm going to quickly show you how to do it incase you are a flippy fan and want to use them in a science, social studies, math, or reading notebook in class!

First... fold your flippy according to directions- once hotdog and then once hamburger...

Then unfold it and cut the horizontal part between pages 3 and 4- only cut until you reach the middle vertical fold!

Then fold it closed the right way and pull page four out so it's right next to page one... it sounds complicated to explain it, but if you actually do it, I don't think it's hard!

Flip it over and put glue on the back of pages 3 and 4...

Then, when you flip it back over, you can glue those two pages down.  Page 1 turns to reveal pages 2 and 3 and pages 1 and 4 are displayed out front.

Now that I've realized this, I'm going to have my students glue their different reading strategy flippy books into their RRJs (Reading Response Journals) next year!

If you want to grab some flippys, they're available for many topics at TpT and TN.


  1. I am totally pumped about your post. I teach in small group and have your comprehension flippy books! Now I know how I can utilize them more efficiently next year. My hubby and I love musicals too. Not sure if we will go to one this summer or not......a girl can hope right??

    The Phonics Phenomenon

  2. I will be trying this ahead of time!!!

  3. Happy 9 year anniversary! Woot woot! That watch is gorg. Hubs did good! I like how gluing these in the journal keeps everything in one place. I also love how you call them "flippys." I like calling my lip products lippys! Just makes it more fun!


    New Teaching Video: Target Teacher Haul
    Sprinkle Teaching Magic Blog

  4. Love your watch. Fossil watches are my weakness. So happy to see a new way to use your Flippy Books. Great idea.
    Primary Paradise

  5. Awwww...your husband is so sweet! Congrats on your 9 year anniversary!

    Mrs. Laffin's Laughings

  6. I put flippy books in my notebooks last year, except I just had the kids cut all the pages apart and put them in order. Then I stapled them and they glued the last page in the notebook. I like your strategy MUCH better!!! I'll have to try that for next year!

    Angela :)
    Hippo Hooray for Second Grade!

  7. Thank you so much for this! I was the one who asked you the question on TpT. Thank you so much for the quick reply and sorry my question made you nervous while out celebrating!! You are awesome :)

    1. Haha! Thanks for the question! I learned something new too! :)

  8. Happy Anniversary. It sounds like you had a wonderful time. You hubby did well!! Could I please have his number so he can 'train' mine? :)
    My Second Sense


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