Sunday, September 22, 2013

It's Beginning to Look a lot Like...


I had an accomplishing day today... got to sleep in {finally!}, graded some pre-assessments, and the Lions won their game!  Yay!!!!!!!!!  You probably heard me screaming at about 4:10pm after the win.  I've calmed down since then and I am sorry for disturbing you!  And to all of the sports commentators (except Terry Bradshaw) who predicted a loss today... IN YO' FACE!  I am positive the line of sports commentators who read my blog is huge, so I am sure they will all feel put in their places over the gloating I just did.  I'm just saying.

After the win, I wanted to get some creating work done, so I finished up some updating I wanted to do on my Christmas Around the World scrapbook.  So many people downloaded it last year and so I wanted to share that it has been updated!

There are now TWO files.  One is free and it's the pack for the 8 countries that I use when I do the study- America, Mexico, Italy, Brazil, Liberia (in Africa), Australia, Japan, and Germany.  You can find the FREE file HERE!

I also added some editable pages to a 2nd file.  The 2nd file contains all the same pages as the free file, plus a few more for other common countries teachers may use during the study.  There is also an editable PowerPoint file so you can add your own countries!

Both files now have a cover for "Christmas" or "Holidays" around the world and have been updated with new graphics and fonts!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!  We have a field trip tomorrow and the weather looks perfect!


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