Saturday, December 7, 2013

Blog Post Rewind- Christmas Party Ideas Freebie! {And Important File UPDATE!}

Now that Thanksgiving is done and all of the left overs have been eaten, the Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals have been had... it's time to start planning for class Christmas parties!  If you're looking for some new ideas, check out the free classroom guide that we put together at my blog... it's full of ideas from other bloggers!

Click the tape to head to that old post and get some new ideas!

If you have any of my Christmas Around the World files... the Flippy Books all got a huge facelift about three weeks ago.  And yesterday the PowerPoints all got additional info added as well as new timings, so they play a bit slower.

Or click the pic to check them out!

You'll need to go to your purchases at TpT to re-download the updates!


  1. Hi Christina!
    I bought this combo pack at your blog shop. Are they updated there also and do I just find that purchase to redownload? Thanks for you techie help.

    1. I re-generated your download link, so it should work for you to re-download it!

    2. It worked great and your product looks great too. Thank you! Happy Holidays

  2. This looks great! I signed up to win the unit with the Holidays Around the World giveaway over at Simply Skilled in Second! I hope I win! Thanks for all your ideas! Cindee


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