Wednesday, July 6, 2011

100 Follower Freebie!

Here it is... now, I know it's early but I thought that something for the 100th day of school would be perfect for celebrating 100+ followers!

This will be available for free for the next week... then it will be posted on The Teaching Oasis with our other 100th Day goodies!

I'm calling it a "flippy", which is just plain old fun to say! I've been working on "parts of speech" flippies today and those should be available on The Teaching Oasis soon... with the noun flippy as a freebie!

Ok... the file is below! Thank you for following my blog! I'm super excited that so many people care to peek into my teacher brain! Of course, if you love it, let me know! :)

The item is no longer available for free! Sorry for any inconvenience!


  1. Hi Mrs. Bainbridge,

    I've followed your website for a couple of years now. I'm glad to see you have a blogspot. Thanks for all of your cute ideas! I love your task cards, calendars for writing/poetry and the trifolds. You're one of my favorite teacher website colleagues. I hope I can say that since we both are teachers.
    Have a wonderful summer!

  2. I love this! Thanks for sharing. You inspired me to make my own. Check it out!

    Inspired to Make Flippy Book

    Simply 2nd Resources

  3. Super cute!!! LOve it!! I've used your website for so many resources. So glad to see you have a blog. I'd love for you to stop by my blog sometime.

  4. Hooray! I'm glad you all like the "flippy"! :)


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