Friday, July 20, 2012

Classroom Set-Up- Day 3

Yesterday I felt like such a celebrity!  While shopping with friends at a local teacher's store, one of them said my name, which led to a teacher in line asking if I was THE Christina Bainbridge!  We had a nice little chat... but, I feel like such a jerk because I forgot to ask her name!  So, Teacher's Center friend, if you're reading this, let me know!  :)  I know there are other HUGE bloggers who have had that happen before, but it was my first time... how exciting!

And now... for the pictures from what I did in my classroom today.

First... let me remind you how it looked when I left on Wednesday:

So... after six hours today, it looks like this- here's the traditional "view form the door":

Here's our meeting area- imagine 29 3rd graders here... yikes!... I LOVE where I put the cloud paper on the spaces above the windows!  :)

Here's a shot of my "desk" area.  I'm going deskless this year!

View from behind my area- the crates and books on the one group of desks are pretty much all I have left to organize.  I have SO many "teacher" picture books.  I need to sort them all and organize them into how I'll use them for ELA.

And, though all of my bulletin boards have paper and borders up, this is my first finished one.  *Love* it!

So, that's what I've accomplished since Monday in my room.  And now that it looks pretty, I can think about what I'm going to teach!  I even brought home one of my teacher editions to look over this weekend.

Next week's classroom agenda:  ELA focus wall, organize books, get my birthday bulletin board up, and organize my craft "stuff".  Right now it's in a box in the closet.

Tonight the hubby and I are going to see the musical "The Wedding Singer".  I'm SO looking forward to a dinner out and a night of fun... it's been a tiring week!  Hope you have a fun Friday night as well!


  1. 29 kids!!!

    Looking good! Love the CAFE board!

  2. I looks so good! I totally love the bunting border!!
    I was talking with someone at my new school today about having met you at a blogger meet up and they were all excited about it!! I also had 13000 page views from one pin on your pinterest board!! Do you realize how big you are??? Your defiantly a celebrity amongst teachers :)
    The Resource(ful) Room

  3. Looking good! I heart that cloud paper! Where did you get it? I must have missed a post if you wrote about it.

    I Heart Teaching Elementary

  4. Looks awesome! Such progress :)

    The Learning Tree

  5. It was me! It was very fun for me to get to meet you yesterday. I love your ideas and am loving all of your classroom setup ideas. I am switching schools and grades this year, so I am currently going through boxes and getting ready to head into the class when I get the final okay. Thanks for the shout out on the blog! Oh, and my name is Laura!

  6. Don't you love it when your room starts to come together! Looks great.
    Mrs Poultney's Ponderings

  7. You made some progress! Glad to hear someone else is trying to go deskless. The idea of 29 3rd graders is crazy! I am going to have 28 5th graders, but they are much more independent.
    Good luck next week.


  8. Teacher's Kalamazoo, right? I ADORE that store. I need to go there ASAP. I always do one trip per summer...our two teacher stores here in Grand Rapids are not even worth stepping in, most of the time...

    Your classroom is looking great!!


  9. Lovin' your classroom! That bunting is so cute!

  10. Your classroom is really coming together! :) I'm also going desk-less this year, too. I think I'm going to love not having one!

  11. I LOVE the bunting. Fabric or paper?

    Great job as your room is coming along nicely:)

    I would love you to stop by my blog and check out my birthday giveaway!

    The Resourceful Apple

  12. WOW, I would feel like a celebrity too if that happened to me! I went deskless a few years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.
    Finally in First

  13. Did you make your bunting or buy it? Looks great!

  14. You are making such progress! My room is still complete chaos!

    Ms. Smith
    Adventures of Ms. Smith

  15. I love the bunting. We are not allowed to hang things from the ceiling, but I am thinking of doing some outside my door and on my door this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. Am I behind or what???? I haven't even been to school yet... I am your newest follower from the blog hop and have given you an award! You can come pick it up here
    Find me at
    BTW...Your room looks great

  17. Hi Christina:
    I love everything in your room, but my favorite is the bunting border on the CAFE border.
    I am glad you are moving toward making this room feel like your own. It looks wonderful!

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  18. What a wonderful treat to see your progress! Your room is inspirational! GREAT JOB!! :>)

  19. I LOVE how colorful everything is!! Great progress!!

  20. You are fabulous!! I love how bright & inviting everything is. Great progress! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  21. Your classroom looks amazing, warm and welcoming. I am not allowed to work on my room just yet. I can't wait to start but my classroom is a third of the size of yours.

  22. I think it looks awesome! You've worked hard and deserved your night out. I have a question for you. All those books in the white tubs of your library...what are those? Are they different than picture books etc? How do you organize them. I want to put out all my books this year for my kiddos. It worked great last year in 5th (think book whisperer type) and I think my 2nd graders can handle it. What do you think?

    A Passion For Primary

  23. I'm behind on your blog because I've been away, but it's been so fun to see your room come together. I am in love with that bunting--if it's possible to love something like that...I guess teachers can, right?

  24. I have just found your blog and I am loving it! I used to live in Kalamazoo and taught in Portage. :)
    I love love love your bunting items. Do you have copies of your CAFE headers with the bunting in your TPT store? SO flipping cute!

    thanks for sharing all of your ideas!

  25. Nice to see a layout that accommodates a large class. I have 32 2nd graders! Every other classroom seems to be set up for 18-24 kids. Haha in my dreams!

  26. Nice to see a layout that accommodates a large class. I have 32 2nd graders! Every other classroom seems to be set up for 18-24 kids. Haha in my dreams!


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