Thursday, July 12, 2012

Target Finds, B-day Winners, and 2nd Grade Treasures Long Awaited Product!!!!!

The Dollar Spot at my local store (which is 35 miles away, but SO worth it!) overfloweth!

Here's what I got...  The first is a picture of everything...

*SO* psyched about these "Star Student" seat backs!  I have been eying these from Really Good Stuff for a loooong time... you can't beat spending $2.00!  And, of course, I had to get pocket charts!  When I unpack my classroom, I'll take a picture of the insane amount of Dollar Spot pocket charts I have that are unopened.  Now I can add three purple ones to my hoard!

Two super cute dry erase boards for word work, erasers, and prize pencils.

Foam pennants... you know- for my whole "bunting" thing I have going on!

CONTAINERS!!!!!!!  What do I need these for?  No idea yet... but how could I pass them up?!  Love the little yellow "5 Minute Quick Quiz" book in the bottom corner.  I'm going to laminate them (they're all spelling/vocab related) and use them as a word work activity!

And... the two winners of my impromptu giveaway for my new b-day bulletin board set are...

You're both winning this and I'm e-mailing it to you now:
If you missed it, check out the comments of THIS POST for some awesome new ideas for celebrating birthdays in the classroom!  If I get time today, I may compile them into a book like I did for Christmas!

Last but not least... a while back I posted my first grade Treasures spelling packets and I have had many, many requests for the 2nd grade set.  It is FINALLY done!

This one is a little larger than the 1st grade pack... it's 306 pages... and, due to the size, it's only available at TpT (thanks for increasing the file size, Paul!).  Right now it's only $10.00!  If you download the sample, it's Unit 1, Week 1 so you can see what the packet has in it for an entire spelling week.
 Grab it on TpT!

I guess next would be a 3rd grade set with some slight modifications.  This set is identical to the 1st grade set- since it's what I used in my split class last year.  But, now that I'm movin' on up to 3rd, my brain is spinning with possibilities for the bigger kids!


  1. I hate how all Target's a different! I want those seat sacks! I wish they had B-day ones! Great finds. I love seeing how others use them. {I have a stockpile of pocket charts too!}

  2. Awesome Target finds! I know what I am going to do today!

    Thanks for sharing!

    First Grade Magic

  3. That's it ... If off to Target today. Too many people have found such GREAT stuff! I'm jealous and have to hit the store.
    Congratulations to the winners!
    Where Seconds Count

  4. Thanks for the updates! Will be headed to Target. Thanks for all you do!

  5. My Target never has all this great stuff or it's all gone by the time I get there:( Guess I need to check everyday.

    Love for you to buzz by sometime=)
    The Busy Busy Hive

  6. Love the Target stuff too. Our nearest one is 50 miles away. I take full advantage of the dollar aisle when I go to one. They have fantastic deals!

  7. Love your Target finds. I wish mine carried some of those items, especially the seat covers.
    Third Grade All Stars

  8. I too have a hoard of Dollar Spot pocket charts. I bought 4 purples ones on Monday. :-) Glad to see I'm not alone in Dollar Spot love!

  9. Last time I was at Target the $1 bins were empty with tons of boxes off to the side. So I'm heading to Target today.

    Target- 35 miles away?! Wow I have two Targets by me which one is less than 5 min. away and the other is 7-8 min. away. I guess I'm pretty lucky.

    Ms. Fiorini’s Stadium

  10. My Target had the sleeves that you slide in a worksheet and kids write on with dry erase markers. Selling in places like really good stuff for way to much money, but at the Dollar spot at Target not too bad.

  11. Wow! You got some great bargains! I'm headed back to Target today to see if I can find some of those dry erase pockets. :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  12. I went to one Target this morning and it looked like the exact same stuff from last year! I'm going to another one later this afternoon and hope I find some of that cute stuff! :)

    Elementary Adventure

  13. I just picked up those pocket charts too! I love Target!


  14. Great finds! I'd love to buy those pocket charts, but the one time I did they smelled to high heaven and I couldn't get them to stop stinking! I did buy several containers and dry erase pockets the other day though!
    Fourth and Ten
    Like Fourth and Ten on Facebook!
    Formerly Stories From Second

  15. Oh my gosh! You scored Christina! Don't you just love when that happens?

  16. I went to Target a couple of days ago and I thought I got some great deals! Those dry erase quote boards are too cute and I love the seat backs. I am all Dr. Seuss (as you already know) and I love how I can always find great Seuss themed items there.

  17. My nearest target is well over an hour away :( My mom was out of town this week though so she picked up some goodies for me! They didn't have the dry erase boards like the ones you got, but I did get the same pocket charts!


    Third Grade's A Charm

  18. Love the foam pennants! I need to go check out my Target for them.

    Apples and Papers

  19. WOW! I went to target to buy teacher supplies when I visited the U.S. and I had lots of fun. Is that what normal tourists do? :)

  20. I'm SO jealous. The closest Tarjay is....2 hours away. I can drool over all the good stuff you talk about though...and dream! Good stuff, great fun. What kind of illness do we all have when we are school shopping/talking in July?

  21. Great finds!! This is a perfect post for my first linky party...would love for you to join the fun! :)

    The Learning Tree

  22. 35 miles?!?? I don't know how you do it. I didn't see those adorable white boards last time I was in the "dollar" spot. I guess I need another trip to Target. :D
    ❤Dragonflies in First ❤

  23. Hmmm, I need to go to Target! Although, since I don't know where I'll be in the fall, it's kinda hard to know what to get! ;)

  24. I was just at Target! I actually picked up some of those bins you found. But my Target definitely didn't have as much as yours did! I want that dry erase board word bubble, how cute!

    I'm your newest follower =)

    The Resource Room Teacher


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