Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Keeping Yourself Organized!

Before you read on... I got a lot of requests to do a Vistaprint tutorial and I will work on it!  I am blog post scheduled up through this weekend, but I'll try and get it up early next week!

Ok.  On with today's post...

I just wanted to give a shout out today to an awesome product (or three!) that I think you'll love!

Earlier this summer, I received some really cool calendars in the mail and I gotta say... I love them!

I actually received two of each and took them to our last Michigan blogger meet-up so I could spread the wealth and share the love with some of my mitten friends.

So... here's what I got:

This pretty pink and orange Day Runner personal agenda... I always think I'm going to use one of these to keep organized, and I always fail... but this one is just the right size for a purse and has organizing tabs and all... and I *love* the color scheme!

I also received a mini desk pad calendar... like the huge ones we teachers so *love*, only littler... and three hole punched!  Mine went right inside of my lesson plan book so I can keep track of dates, maybe schedule some one-on-one conferences (I think YES!), and just have it all there... and all pretty too!

But, my favorite item is this... a hanging wall calendar that has a dry erase section on the bottom for writing notes and reminders for the week!  This is available in the store at Office Depot only at this time... here's a pic of mine in my room:

I was thinking that this would be PERFECT for upper elementary rooms where "calendar" isn't a big deal, but this could keep those kiddos informed while still putting a calendar in front of their faces every day... and totally puts the responsibility on them to check it!  I have mine hung in my teacher area for now.  Patty at 2nd in Line won this item at our Michigan meet up... I hope you're enjoying it BBFF!

How do you keep your dates and things organized?  I used to be able to do it all in my head... but I'm not so good at that anymore!  I'm excited to use these calendars to keep my personal life and school things better tracked!


  1. I need that mini-desk pad calendar!!!!! I am in the process of creating a teacher binder where I'll keep my plans, and other stuff. That cuteness would be perfect!!!!!

    Crisscross Applesauce in First Grade

  2. I like your mini-calendar. I always start the year with an organized calendar, but somehow lose it by January. Can't wait to see the vista print tutorial :0)

  3. Last year I had one of those little pad calendars. It fit right in my planbook binder and I loved it! Simple and convenient. This year I think I am going to use one of those write-n-erase calendars and hang it above my desk with those 3M hooks since my schedule can change SO much and it'll look neater if I can take it down and erase/rewrite than crossing stuff off.

    I also keep a Day Runner calendar binder in my bag (too big to call it a purse!). With my hubby taking classes, a senior in high school and two elementary kiddos and all of our various appointments, if I don't write our schedules down in that planner, it isn't going to happen!

  4. I have calendars everywhere! In my purse, on my phone, on my desk,in my lesson plan binder, and on the wall! Ah! What can I sy? I love being organized!

    Go check out my 100 follower giveaway and enter to win!

    Mrs. Crouse :)

  5. Google Calendar! I have my calendar on my phone, iPad or computer at all times. :)

  6. I found a similar mini desk calendar at Walmart in the back to school section for about $3-4. They went fast last year. They work great. They also sell them for around $8-9 at Staples

  7. I use the calendar Scholastic sends me (I haven't gotten one this year yet though) and the calendar on my iphone the most.

  8. I purchased a small one like your personal agenda. I have never been really good at keeping up with it either. I have a lot to keep up with and this year I am really going to try to remember everything :)
    My Second Sense

  9. Hi Christina- I love your ideas on your blog. I'm hosting a linky party about reading and writing workshop and would love for you to come link up!!!

    My Life as a Third Grade Teacher

  10. My iPhone has been my saving grace for staying organized! I can't stand having things written in a million places, so I try to keep everything in my phone now :)

    EduKate and Inspire


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