Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Whirl-wind Wednesday

What a day... week, actually.

I've been busy with meetings and activity at school and, I must say... I LOVE MY NEW SCHOOL!!!!!!!  LOVE.  LOVE.  LOVE.

I mean this in the least crazy way possible, but I just want to stand and shout it from the rooftops!

Tonight was Open House and I got to meet my 3rd graders.  They're not scary at all! 
I'm hoping to be back tomorrow with a real blog post.  I want to show you 1.) what we did with our clip charts in 3rd grade (it's SUPER cool!!!) and 2.) show you an amazing product from Lakeshore Learning and offer you a sale promo from them too!  Who doesn't love Lakeshore Learning?!

In the meantime, there are still a few hours left on my 20% off sale at TpT and TN!  It's over tonight and regular prices will be baaaaaack!


  1. I love love love your enthusiasm! Sounds like you're going to have a great year!
    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. I am having trouble getting the comment box and comments to show up under my blog. Any advice? Thank are knowledgeable about all things blogger :-)


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