Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Partner Reading Party Pack Fast, Fast Giveaway!

Happy Tuesday!

My printer has been out of ink for days and I'm going crazy waiting for it to be delivered... I have to much to print and laminate!!!!

Last night I revised a pack of activities to update graphics and fonts so now I have even more to print and laminate!

I've been using this set in my classroom for a while, but am absolutely *in LOVE* with how it turned out after my re-design...

Find it on TpT     or     Teacher's Notebook

It's a Partner Reading Party!  This pack had 5 spinners to help facilitate discussion between students, Somebody-wanted-but-so reminder cards, Roll 'n Read activity to find out how partners will read, Fiction Go Fish game and directions to turn that game into a memory game, and signs for a partner reading area & expectations for that time.

I am *SO* excited about this pack!!!!!!!  Since it's up the day after the big TpT sale, I've discounted the price 20% for today!

So, I'll send a copy to the first 2 people to comment and promise to blog about this after they've had time to look it over... I love it!

Don't forget about the Brag Tag giveaway going on over here either... I'll announce the 3 winners of 35 custom tags and chains on Friday!


  1. Sign me up too!

    Carried Away in Kindergarten


  2. I was so close!! :)

    It looks great!


  3. I know what you mean about ink. I was making stuff last night and ran out of cardstock! Ahh..just as bad. lol.


  4. It looks amazing - darn! I'm out of ink too - I guess it's a run to Office Depot this week! :) Lisa

  5. Heads up! I just posted about this wonderful resource! Thanks for sharing, and I love it!

    PS: I need more ink too!!!!!

    Carried Away in Kindergarten

  6. That sounds like a cool idea! I'm going to check it out!

    Sara :)
    Smiling In Second Grade


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