Monday, January 20, 2014

Fairy Tale Multiplication Games for You!

I'm still on cloud 9 over my blog re-design!  I LOVE IT!  Can you hear me shouting from the rooftops?

It's "fairy tale genre study" in 3rd grade right now, so I'm re-visiting some of my fairy tale files and getting them ready for school.  To celebrate my new blog design, I'm pulling out my very first ever "blog newsletter freebie" (which is fairy tale themed!) and sharing it on TpT!  So if you missed it last year when I sent out my first newsletter, you can grab it now for free!

Just click the pic to get two fun multiplication games and be sure to leave some lovin'!

Thanks so much for your positive comments about my blog design yesterday!  It really is beautiful... I'm so glad you all think so too!


  1. Love you new blog design. Looks great! Thanks for the giveaway - appreciate you sharing!

  2. Thanks I am excited to use it with my kids!


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