Friday, January 24, 2014

Snow Day Updates!

It is my FOURTH snow day of 2014.  I've only had ELEVEN days of school this year!  It's crazy!

I'm taking advantage of my day off to do some file updating... I just updated the preview files for my font bundle.  I have 40 CB fonts for commercial use and they are on sale right now for just $10!  Click the pic to check them out!

These are my favorites...

Right now I'm working on an addition to my Common Core Bookmarks pack... I love using these in class and can't WAIT to share the addition!  Click the pic to check them out!

So that's that!  I hate missing school on Fridays... but love the idea of a three day weekend!

Wherever you are... stay warm and safe!


  1. Those fonts are beautiful! Enjoy your long weekend!
    Grade 4 Buzz

  2. I live just outside of Cleveland. We have had only 10 school days.I expect to have Tuesday and Wednesday off next wek due to the expected below zero temps. Yikes! Love the new to yourblog!

  3. In Lake Orion, Friday was weather day #8. Those back roads and hills are hard on the buses :( I'm ready for spring!


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