Sunday, January 19, 2014

Notice Anything Different About Me? {And a file update too!}

Do you notice anything different about me?  Go ahead.  Look around the blog.

I'm freaking out!

Oh.  My.  Word. and Shut the front door!

I am in L-O-V-E with my new blog design!  Thank you so so so much to Kassie from Designs by Kassie for SO capturing me in my new design... from the graphics to the fonts to the colors... I LOVE IT!

Kassie was SO easy to work with.  SO friendly and FAST!  I am so so so happy with my new blog!

So, Kassie wasn't the only one doing some updating this weekend... I also added "cover pages" to all of my "Snapshots" files!  Many of your requested cover pages be added so you could make the "Snapshots" into student workbooks.  Log in to TpT and re-download to access the cover pages.  They come in color and black & white for each "Snapshots" set so, if you're lucky enough to be able to print in color at school, you can!  Or if you want your kiddos to do some coloring or print on colored paper, download in B&W!

I use the grammar and comprehension "Snapshots" weekly... they're only half a page long, so the kids think it's less work and I run them back-to-back so the kiddos take 2 CCSS aligned assessments each week and I use only half a sheet of paper per kiddo!  Not only that but they take me seconds to assess... I teach ELA to two classes, so when each kid does 2 assessments, that's 100 assessments I grade every Friday.  No joke... it takes me about 10 minutes per class.  They're SO quick and easy and show me exactly how kids are doing on specific standards and skills!

Click the banner below to check them out if you missed them!

I think I'll just stare at my new blog design for the rest of the night!


  1. Pretty gosh darn cool! I'm loving it! :-)


  2. I don't blame you for wanting to stare at your new blog design all night! LOL! It is gorgeous! I can't wait to start my relationship with Kassie too! She is quite talented! Enjoy your pretty new blog!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. This is awesome! So glad you shared. Enjoy!

  4. Very cool. I like the new design.

  5. Love it! Adorable! I love the bright colors!

    Blooming In First

  6. Absolutely gorgeous!! Congrats on the beautiful design :) :)

  7. Jealous! So fun looking! Just like you!

  8. What an awesome design! Love the new look! :)

    Tales of a Teacher

  9. Very cute!! I wish you had those snapshots for kindergarten...what a GREAT idea!

  10. Love it! Waiting on your 1st grade grammar snapshots so I can get the bundle. Hustle up!
    Miss you friend!

  11. I absolutely love your new look! I just filled out an order form with her yesterday to redo my blog. I am ready for something new and bright! Hope all is well!

  12. A wonderful new blog look for a wonderful blogger! Perfect! Sending happy hugs...

    Finding JOY in 6th Grade

  13. Your new blog design looks FANTASTIC! So bright and inviting!
    Crafting Connections

  14. I love the colors on your new design. I just changed mine up, too :)
    Stories by Storie

  15. It is a gorgeous design! Your hair looks amazing too :)
    My Second Sense

  16. Your blog looks T-riffic! I love the bright colors!

  17. Great new look - it is so fresh!


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