Saturday, August 1, 2015

Classroom Meeting Place

One of my favorite spots in my classroom is our meeting place.

This is where we have morning meeting and I teach all of the mini-lessons for Daily Five.

The library is back here, as well as the board where we display our spelling words, vocabulary words, CAFE strategies, Homework Club, and check out system for classroom library books.

Students love grabbing a pillow and lounging back here to read too!

During morning meeting, all 30 of us will squeeze into a circle back here to do a greeting and a quick activity.  It's one of my favorite ways to build classroom community as well as work on social skills.  I'm sad to say that, the past two years, we've stopped doing morning meeting about 3 months into the year just because of busy schedules... this year it's one of my goals to continue morning meeting all year!

I sit in the wooden chair for mini-lessons and use the easel.  Students have assigned spots on the carpet which makes it insanely easy to transition back to our carpet area for mini-lessons!

So, there you have it!  A quick peek at our meeting area!

Want to learn more about morning meeting?  Check out my class website!

What do you do at your meeting area?


  1. Congratulations on a super set up. All the best with your noble goal.
    Julie :)

  2. I stopped morning meetings about 4 years ago, for the same reason. It is hard when test scores count for 40% of my evaluation. But...I know they are the right thing to do- trying to incorporate them with more movement might be the trick. I'd like to start them as my goal as well.

  3. We use ours for morning meetings and minilessons as well. Good luck with your goal... I just love our morning meetings. :)


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